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Laser engraving machine for Yeti cups

Laser Engraving Machine for Yeti Cups,Tumblers And Mugs

Marking Yeti cups with laser marking machine is more easier and faster. Laser marking is a non-contact marking technology, which will not damage your Yeti cup. You can customize various clear and permanent marks on the Yeti cup at will.

Yeti Cups Laser Marking Machine

WE offers portable fiber laser marking machine to directly and permanently mark on the metal nameplate, including data matrix codes, QR codes, serial numbers, and logos. Our high-end fiber laser technology without consumables, no maintenance, and provide the noticeable markings.

portable laser marking machine

Fiber Laser Marker For Metal yeti Cups

We offers fiber laser marking machine to engrave  metal nameplate,  stainless steel tag signs and other metal material etc, laser marking machine comes with rotary attachment,therefore,regardless of whether the nameplate is tall, short, fat or thin, it can be used for all kinds of application.

fiber laser marking machine

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How to Utilize Laser Engraving Machine for Yeti Cups,Tumblers And Mugs

laser engraving for Yeti cups

With laser engraving technology and machines evolving massively over time, the options for laser etching machines are wide. Whether you are in the Chinese laser engraving machine market or looking for a similar machine in the US, it’s not hard to find multiple laser engraver options. The Majuro reason for this popularity and extreme demand for laser engraving technology is due to the convenience and reliably sharp/high-quality laser engraving performance on all kinds of products.

Yet, one thing that can improve or ruin your laser engraving outcome on any kind of product is the way you use the machine. With laser engraving being commonly practiced on all kinds of raw and manufactured items like plain glass, metal, wood, and even glass, cups, frames, vehicle parts, jewelry, etc., it certainly adds an unusual attractiveness to any basic and plain item. With that being said, choosing the right type of laser engraving machine for Yeti cups or any other item and using it the right way to engrave appealing designs on the machine is crucial.

You may be a newbie or a novice at engraving designs or using a tumblers laser engraver, but if you aren’t aware of the basics, it’s hard to turn any basic item into a beautiful piece of creativity and art afterwards. So, are you curious to explore who you can use a laser engraving machine for Yeti cups/tumblers and make beautiful mugs at home? Let’s start exploring then!


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Step by Step Guide: Using a Tumblers Laser Engraver

So, are you excited to create creative and beautiful mugs by using a simple laser engraving machine? While there are so many ways you can experiment and innovate beautifully engraved pieces of art on various types of items, yeti cups are one of the most fun options.

In fact, many people who run laser engraving and craft items shops try out unique and creative styles on the yeti cups and create tumblers. Now when you’re creative and accurate at engraving the tumblers rightly, how can you not sell and make a good income out of such craftwork? But wait! Don’t lose hope just yet, thinking that you haven’t used a tumblers laser engrave before, as we’re here to help you explore each step of using a laser engraving machine for yeti cups below in detail.

It’s simple! All you have to do is:

· Find the Center:

The best first thing one should focus on while using a yeti laser engraver is to find the yeti center. You can do this by considering the ‘yeti’ symbol as the starting point and then start measuring it to find the center of the mug.

Approximately, the symbol might measure around 1-inch and a half length. Hence, when you reach half of the symbol, you will reach three-quarters of an inch, making it the perfect spot for you to mark on the yeti mug. Once you mark that point, you can draw a line from the top of the mug to the yeti symbol.  

· Loading the Tumbler:

The next step to consider when using a laser engraving machine for yeti cups is to load the yeti cups inside the rotary tool. Do make sure that the lens of the tumblers laser engraver is focused on the yeti mugs on both ends. Once that’s certain, you can ensure precision by using the machine’s control panel for arrowing left and right on the line. For both novice and professional engravers, the worst situation is to end up engraving an item with off-centered and uneven lines. So make sure your line arrows are accurate and neatly set on the machine.

· Measure the Circumference:

The next step in this guide on using a laser engraving machine for yeti cups is the measurement of circumference. Now consider engraving the world ‘Mother’ on the mug. Now to engrave this word, you will have to make a template and do full circumference by measuring the top and bottom circumference of the mug. This circumference will be based on the engraving area on the mug; once you measure the circumferences rightly, you can use the template for setup on the yeti mug’s engraving portion.

· Centering the Images:

Now measure the engraving area of the mug from top to bottom, which would be around four and a half inches. The best way to make an accurate measurement is to place a Yeti symbol below the engraving design you aim to add to the mug. After placing the symbol, you will know you need to keep your engraving design above that, so you can draw a box around the text above the symbol. In this box, find the center and then draw another line downwards from that center. These lines will ensure precision while you add the engraving design to the mug.

Now to ensure that your text is engraved rightly on the mug focusing on the position, make sure you notice the setup of your box. You can look at the measurements and settings of the box by giving the coordinates and then viewing the settings at the center of the box’s “0.0” on the X and Y-axis. Depending on the position of these points inside the box, you can evaluate where your text will be placed, i.e., in the center point or on the side.  

· Files Export:

Once you have set the right position of the box for text engraving inside of it on the yeti mug, it’s time to move forward to the file setup and exporting part. In this step of using tumblers laser engraver, you can get rid of that yeti symbol you placed for the right positioning of the box.

Afterwards, you can export the file out as a .dxf document. Once the export settings appear on your screen, you can select an r14 while keeping your units set in inches. Additionally, you can set the “Export Text As” option to curves and the “Export Bitmap As” to the .bmp file. Finally, you can add color or leave the text/box unfilled depending on your or your yeti mug engraving client’s preferences.

· Import Your Way to the Finish Line:

Since we’re getting closer to the finish line, the process of using a laser engraving machine for yeti cups may also seem to be easier and faster now. In fact, you can consider the task almost completed now.

All you have to do is import the file, and then go to the RDWorks program and then import your file again. During the importing of the file, you can select the right settings. This includes the image, text, colors, etc., according to your preference.

Afterwards, choose the box along the centerline, and then choose another color in the settings for that box. You should also click on the top right to find “Layer>Mode>Output>Hide”, and then change the output option to ‘No’ for adding the second color layer. This layer’s mode should be chosen as ‘Laser Cut’ so that you end up finalizing the setting for laser engraving on the appropriate layer in the box and design.

· Finally, Engraving Time:

The last process of using tumblers laser engraver is to start engraving the yeti mugs rightly. For this, you can experiment with the image first by rotating it 90 degrees and then setting the laser origin as ‘left-center. Apart from that, you should also set the appropriate speed and power settings of the laser engraving machine for yeti mugs to ensure the efficient performance and safety of the mug. For this, the ideal speed is ten and power are 65 while keeping it set on a 300 dpi image. Once you set that, you can download the file and then set the origin on the laser engraving machine for yeti mugs.

Before starting the engraving process, make sure the red dot of the machine is pointing at the top left center of the tumbler. Now select origin>Frame. At this point, your laser should be right above the Yeti symbol from both sides.

Once you experiment with all these settings and set them rightly, it’s time to hit that start button. So hit that button and see how a basic yeti mug turns into a beautiful piece of art magically!

Note: once you’re done engraving the mug, make sure you clean it in the end. For this, you can use some water and a magic eraser to wipe the tumbler appropriately. If you can’t find the magic eraser, you can also use dish soap to clean the mug. After cleaning, the accurate engraving and ideal design on the yeti mug will look perfectly lined up on the mug!

Wrapping Up

That’s all to our brief guide on using a laser engraving machine for yeti mugs. Now, if you plan to start a yet mug designing and engraving business, it’s time you invest in an appropriate tumblers laser engraver and start practicing a few times to fetch good clients and create perfect designs of art on the mugs. Don’t let the feeling of being new and unfamiliar stop you from experimenting with your creative engraving designs on yeti mugs and setting a business out of it – YOU CAN DO THIS!