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co2 laser engraving machine

Laser Engraving Machine for Marble, Granite Stone

This Co2 engraver is enclosed, compact and easy to operate laser engraving machine for a variety of materials and applications. With portable and compact design,this laser engraving machine with good stable and min maintenance is suitable for any project within a small format area.hence,it is very suitable for engraving small format marble,granite stone.

Marble,Granite and Stone Laser Engraving Machine For Sale

Today’s amazingly beautiful and shiny patterned design of marbles, granites, and stones used in the wearables, jewelry, and decoration items are certainly eye-catching.

For example, you are in the wholesale crystal jewelry business, and your competitor is wholesalecrystalsupplier.com sells not only conventional crystal products but also provides customized patterns on the crystal to gain more trust from users. Don’t you want to improve your competitiveness? A jewelry stone carving machine is indispensable.

Besides, when you look at these small and shiny stones and marbles, their beauty and different look for each stone makes them look differently unique. With that being said, there’s no doubt that you can a beautifully unique touch to any basic or dull item with the help of these stones. So, whether it’s art and craftwork or embellishing jewelry and clothes with a shiny touch of beautiful stones, the usage of colorful stones engraved with unique designs and patterns is wide today. 

Not just that, but home décor items and crockery are also seen to have a wide variety with various marbles usage. With so much coming, you certainly don’t need anything else to add design or an attractive touch to any product. But do you know how these stones and marbles get such a unique and creatively engraved design and shape? While most of us consider these marbles and stones present in the same shape and design, it’s not always like that. Instead, most of the time, the personalized and unique shape or design present in the marbles and stones we find on our accessories, clothes, and home décor items are added manually with the help of a marble laser engraver or stoner laser engraving machine. 

stone laser engraving

Why Do You Need A Marble Laser Engraver?

Before understanding how such stone laser engraving machine options add such a unique and creative design to the marbles, stones, and granite, are you familiar with the need for these machines? 

While it’s easier to always go to a store and buy engraved and nicely cut stones and marbles in the required shape for your hobby-related or professional task – it’s not always the best solution. In case you’re wondering why the major reason is simply the demand for a wide variety and larger stock of stones. 

Imagine being a professional jewelry maker or running small-scale embroidery, crockery, or home décor selling/making store. Being an owner or a professional working in any of these niches for a small or large-scale business demands decent investment or advanced stock, right? So when a customer demands a stone-filled photo frame or a patterned marble dish set, do you spend a large amount of your savings and investing them in the right shapes, quantity, and patterns customization of these marbles or stones?

Certainly not! After all, when you always have a smart and accessible option of having a marble laser engraver that makes the cutting, shaping, and etching task faster for multiple marbles in a short period, you can surely save a lot of time and investment on ordering these stones and marbles from others. 

And besides, when you do have a stone laser engraving machine that can shape and etch marbles, granite, and stone in a creative way – imagine how many possibilities of creating unique and creative items you have for earning the most in-demand and creative items? Doesn’t that sound like an ideal plan to start a small-scale business and practice your passion for creating unique crafts with your creativity, right? We thought so! So what’s making you wait now? It’s time you get up and grab the most cost-efficient stone laser engraver. 

But wait! Before you do that, let’s explore everything from the basics to the advance of a marble laser engraving machine. Besides, even if you’re a novice at using such machines, it’s never too late to become an expert in something so exciting and creative! So let’s start, shall we? 

Types of Stone and Their Usages

When using a marble laser engraver or a stone laser engraving machine, it’s crucial to understand the right types of items you can engrave with these machines. Just how using a glass or a steel laser engraving machine demands the usage of some specific types of glass and steel products for engraving, it’s important to understand the working criteria of the different laser engravers. 

After all, once you invest in a laser engraving machine, you certainly won’t want to damage your first smart business investment by choosing the wrong items to engrave, right? Hence, let’s explore a few specific marbles and stones that can be easily engraved or shaped using a male laser engraving machine. 

· Granite

· Marble

· Slate

· Basalt

· Marble

· Salt crystals

· Pebbles

· Stone tiles

· Natural stone

· Ceramic, porcelain

Once you evaluate which type of stone you need to invest in for engraving unique designs on them, it’s time to move to the second step of starting your own engraving business. Don’t get it? We’re talking about using a laser engraving machine for engraving the different kinds of marbles and stones and then using the engraved stones in different industries or businesses. 

Keeping that in mind, a few businesses that you can set up following different industries while promoting your talent and skills of unique engraving designs on different stones include:

· Arts and crafts

· Decorations

· Gift items and lucky charms

· Design

· Interior design

· Stone tiles

· Headstones

Using the Stone Laser Engraving Machine For Different Stone Parameters

When you are learning how to use a laser engraving machine, there’s no rocket science in that. Especially with the modern and advanced marble laser engraver options and technologies present today, you can easily understand how to use the machine, as most of the task it performs is automatic or computerized. As a result, it only requires the process of placing the item in the right spot, choosing an ideal design, and setting the speed and laser strength according to the material and the engraving design you require. 

Keeping these aspects in mind, one only needs to practice a few times to have a firm hold on the laser engraving machines. However, that isn’t the same when you are using a marble laser engraver. Do you know why? It’s simply because the marbles and stones are natural materials that differ in the geological composition that depends mainly on the stone’s origin. Due to the difference in this composition, you can’t use a stone laser engraving machine with the same settings and configuration of the machine. 

Hence, depending on the two common stone variants, here’s a brief overview of the processing techniques you can consider when engraving the different stone items.

Variant 1: The Grayscale Matrix

The grayscale matrix is the first variant of the natural stones that can be engraved through a marble laser engraver. When evaluating stone applications, the best thing to try is the grayscale matrix when you have a stone ebbing 3x3cm flat on its surface. Additionally, it is also suitable if the stone has a sufficient testing area, making it wider. 

For such stones, having a harder surface, it’s better to choose different engraving speed settings. It means that the easy and convenient wood or paper processing settings might not easily work for engraving the hard-stone surfaces. For this, the ideal setting can start from 100% power and 30% speed (if you are using a stone laser engraving machine of 60 watts). You can also consider 100% power and 15% speed for laser engraving machines below 60 watts. 

Once you practice these settings used on the marbles or stones, you may get the desired engraving results. However, if that’s not the case, you can reduce the speed and run the same matrix of the engraving machine again. With the help of this technique of engraving specific hard-surfaced stones and marbles, you can easily control the designated power settings on every field or side of the stone you engrave. 

Variant 2: The Grayscale Gradient

The next ideal technique to handle the different compositions of the natural stones and engrave the desired designs includes the focus on the greyscale gradient. This process is reliable if you are engraving or testing designs on a limited testing area of the stone. 

In this method, you need to draw a rectangle with a gradient. This gradient should be from 100% black to white. For this method, the same parameter and printer driver configuration from the previous method can also be used to engrave smaller stones and marbles.

What isn’t estimated in this method is the ideal power setting, while the power can be 50% (if you are in the middle of the engraved area during the stone engraving process). In this way, you can achieve higher power according to your settings when coming closer to the black area during the gradient engraving method. 

Wrap Up

Once you practice different easy engraving unique and custom designs on the stones and marbles using a marble laser engraver, it can be easier to understand and implement unique looks on the small and large stones.

As a result, when you can achieve high-quality designs depending upon the different stones and their experiment area, it can be easier to expand your store with a unique stone products variety. So, what’s keeping you waiting now? Go ahead and practice these ideal and easy stone engraving methods and become a stone engraving expert today!