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CO2 Laser Marking for Polyvinyl chloride(PVC)

Aug 31, 2021 Upload by OTLASER

PVC material is a kind of non-crystalline vinyl polymer. With its light weight, corrosion resistance, high compressive strength and convenience advantages,It has been used in many application. Since PVC pipes are an important parts,and major manufacturers will use laser marking machines to mark the production date, production number and brand logo on the PVC pipes.So,what are the advantages of using a China laser marking machine to mark PVC pipes?


What is Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)


PVC, in full polyvinyl chloride, a synthetic resin made from the polymerization of vinyl chloride. Second only to polyethylene among the plastics in production and consumption, PVC is used in an enormous range of domestic and industrial products, from raincoats and shower curtains to window frames and indoor plumbing. A lightweight, rigid plastic in its pure form, it is also manufactured in a flexible “plasticized”form[1].


laser marking PVC


The Advantages of Laser Marking machine on PVC


Permanent markings


Laser marking is a kind of permanent marks on PVC surfaces can withstand air and water corrosion and intense UV exposure.


High Speed Technology


Laser marking allows engrave noticeable marks with high speed on PVC surface, even in harsh environments.


High contrasts marks


Laser markings on PVC allows produce a high contrast mark on any color.


Low maintenance, no consumables


PVC Laser marking machine with low maintenance and no extra consumable.


laser marking PVC

PVC Laser Marking Machine Solution


Traceability an counterfeiting is a significant issue in many industries. That is why industries print some unique and noticeable identify marks on their products. In the end, they require to choose a laser marking system to make a clear and permanent mark.


At present, There are common two types of lasers to mark on PVC materials.


CO2 laser


One is a CO2 laser marking machine with its wavelength is 10.6um.This CO2 laser can print some yellow-red marks on PVC materials. 30W power or 50W power CO2 Laser marking machine is a good choice for PVC marking,Therefore,It is very suitable for processing on the assembly line, instead of traditional ink printing by its high speed.


Fiber laser


Two is a fiber laser, the yellow-red color marks on PVC materials by CO2 Laser print is not popular in many applications.Therefore,fiber laser marking machine with its wavelength is about 1060nm,which can print black mark that is similar to the black mark of inkjet printing. It is more common used in PVC materials.


UV laser


The UV laser marking is one of the most flexible marking solutions.Although 5W UV laser is a very ideal option to mark plastic material,like PVC etc in term of marking quality,but it is commonly used in high accuracy work because of its quite higher price.


The work of UV laser is a little different form fiber laser and CO2 laser,which belongs to “Cold marking” process.During marking of the PVC material, it will no damage to the surface of PVC material,and allowing for clean markings with minimum contamination.


Some attentions When Laser Marking PVC


fume extraction system


Laser marking can print a noticeable mark on PVC material,and the process of marking is also very high speed. However, PVC is a polymer composed of chlorine. During marking of the material, it will produce the emission of a toxic gas. So you must equip a fume extraction system to protect body healthy. In addition, the chlorine released during the marking of the material causing yellowing around the targeted area.




The marking on PVC pipes by traditional marking method is easy to fade.Moreover,it is even harmful to environmental protection.While Laser marking PVC pipes is a kind of environmentally friendly and no pollution method,which can ensure the durability of the marks. It can also perform 360-degree flexible marking, even mark large scale work-pieces with less error and stable performance.PVC Laser marking machine can also combine with the production line for automatic marking, saves a lot of running cost and improves efficiency.