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fiber laser marking machine

Co2 Laser Marking Machine

CO2 laser marking machines commonly have 30W, 60W, 100W, 150W, 300W, etc power. The CO2 laser marking machine is a gas laser with CO2 gas as the medium,wavelength of 10.6 um, It can achieve automatic marking by changing the laser beam path through computer controlled galvanometer.

OTLASER new generation CO2 laser marking machine system has stable performance and maintenance-free, suitable for industrial marking of large batch, high speed and high precision production.

Co2 Laser Engraving Machine

OT-CD CO2 laser cutting machine is designed by unique interactive design that can switch between single and double laser heads freely,work offline,uneven cutting result,and doubled processing efficiency,making sure saving costs and more output.

This CO2 laser engraver is suitable for a wide range of processing materials, smooth cutting edges without burrs, no polishing, no dust, no noise, high efficiency and less waste. It is an ideal choice for professional engraving and cutting.

co2 laser engraving machine

Laser marking is the most advanced and ideal way to mark any product today. Since this uses advanced laser technology that makes marking tasks a lot easier ad convenient, laser marking is the modern and more reliable option in every industry. After all, the need for marking products today has become essential. From the expiry dates to the inventories, everything is marked permanently to manage the products manufactured today.

Besides, if you ever find a pack of stored beans or a medicine bottle without a clear expiry date, it’s certainly a risky situation to even try consuming the items, right? Considering that, laser marking options have become a lifesaver for achieving permanent marking results on any kind of product. Whereas the earlier marking options weren’t effective on almost every product, including plastic, metal, etc. yet, when it comes to laser, the heat produced by it can easily cut, engrave, or mark such had and thick items.

As a result, you can easily achieve a high-quality marking result with a laser marking machine. But that’s only possible when you’re investing in the right laser marking option. After all, with the different laser marking types like fibre laser marking and CO2 laser marking, it’s not always preferable to make a blind purchase considering all these machines to be the same. Hence, to help you make the right laser marking decision for y our business, let’s go ahead and explore more about the common option, i.e., CO2 laser marking machine.

What is a CO2 Laser Marking?

Although laser marking is a permanent and more reliable marking method that involves the usage of lasers, there are different types of laser marking available in the market. One common type among the others is the CO2 laser marking. Now, most people consider this to be a similar laser marking machine like others. Still, the working and outcomes of a CO2 laser marking differ from other options like fibre laser marking, etc.

Simply put, a CO2 laser marker method is mostly used to mark organic materials. However, since it uses a stronger laser marking method using CO2, this method can easily add permanent marks on stiff and tough materials like wood, paper acrylic bodies, and even leather. But that’s not all, as the advanced CO2 laser marking technology helps in marking the non-metal inorganic materials. Hence, when you’re using it to mark items for your or others business’s, there are no limits on packaging materials and products. From polymers to glass, plastics, acrylics, and leather, all can be marked using a CO2 laser marking machine.

Additionally, this machine is also known in the industrial business for its high-speed performance. As a result, it’s a great substitute for the slower laser marking technologies, serving ideally for the high production and manufacturing targets in businesses. It also offers higher quality printing results with laser marking services. So even if you consistently use a CO2 laser marking machine on a wide variety of products, you can still achieve a higher quality code or logo marking outcomes on each product. With all this coming, the CO2 laser marking makes marking on a larger quantity production batch or a wide variety of items more efficient and longer-lasting for all kinds of businesses.

How does a Co2 Laser Marking Machine Work?

Another crucial question to consider when investing in any kind of machine is its working criteria. Even if we only talk about laser marking machines, each of them can work differently. From the fibre laser marking options to the CO2 laser marker, the structure and performance of these machines differ. Hence, it also differentiates between the outcomes you achieve with these laser marking machines.

So, when it comes to the CO2 laser marking machine, its working principle involves the usage of a gas laser. This gas laser is sourced with a 10.64μm infrared wavelength while also having an active laser medium having gas discharge. This gas discharge is either air or water-cooled, according to the power applied to it while laser marking a product. After this, the gas molecules release the laser while forming the laser beams. These beams process the non-metal and metal materials by magnifying the laser according to the desired marking outcome. The entire laser marking process makes the products surface area weak, allowing it to have a permanent marking effect on it – even after the surface comes back to its solid-state.

All in all, this is how a CO2 laser marking method works on different types of products. Hence, it’s not just the overall marking look that can be different when using a CO2 laser marking machine, but also the finishing outlook you achieve on different kinds of products. Considering this, it’s important to be well aware of the most suitable products/surfaces you can use while laser marking them with a CO2 laser marker. In this way, fewer risks of damages and wasted investments can be taken while choosing the marking and packaging materials you mark with this machine. Some highly reliable products you can consider here include:

· Wood

· Glass

· Rubber

· Cardboard

· Plastic

While you can mark on any of these products using a CO2 laser marking machine, it’s essential to rightly use the machine when choosing the marking design/letters.  For instance, a CO2 laser marker’s method is best suitable for and used in industries for marking date codes, serial numbers, and production identification details.

Is it Worthwhile to Invest in Co2 Laser Marker?

Are you wondering why a CO2 laser marker method is more suitable than other laser marking methods? While it may seem like the same kind of marking machine delivers the same kind of outcomes, a few differences make a CO2 laser marking machine more reliable.

Some such differences or benefits include:

· The high-speed marking offered by a CO2 laser marking machine allows easy fulfilment of the bulk production line marking demands. Hence, even when a business performs large-scale productions, this machine can be for marking them effectively in lesser time.

· Apart from marking, the high-power configuration present in the CO2 laser marking equipment allows you to achieve more features than one. Therefore, you can also count on this machine for engraving non-metals without any struggles.

· It is a reliable and efficient machine for marking larger objects thicker or big.

· The lifespan of a CO2 laser marker can be more than other similar laser marking machines, making it up to 200,00 – 300,000 hours.

· Ideally, this machine can also be used on more materials than just the basics. So while it does serve best on the products mentioned above. Whether you are a crystal wholesale supplier like this website who offer customized patterns on jewelry or want to carve other items to increase added value, you can also experiment using the CO2 laser marking method on other items like paper, leather, fabric, textile, acrylic glass, acrylic board, woollens, plastics, ceramics, crystal, jade, bamboo, etc.

· The usage of this laser marking machine is not just limited to specific industries focused on metal manufacturing only. Instead, you can also count on utilizing this laser marking machine in other industries that manufacture consumer products, medical products packaging, food and beverages packing, ceramics, garment accessories, arts and crafts, textile, non-metal nameplates, denim fabric, furniture, and other such industries.

How to Choose a Co2 Laser Marker

So, are you fully convinced to invest in a CO2 laser marker now? Well then, what’s making you wait? Oh yes, the different types and diameters of CO2 laser marker equipment’s can also make it struggling to make the right investment, right? But don’t worry, we have your back with some key points discussed regarding purchasing the right CO2 laser marking machine for your use.

These important key points include:

· Material:

Although, a laser marking method is ideal for marking permanently on specific types of materials. Yet, the list and limits of the materials you can mark using this machine can vary from machine to machine or brand to brand. So while investing in one of these, make sure you know how many materials you may need to mark, and then choose a machine that can smoothly work on them and offer great marking outcomes.

· Wavelength:

With the different models or types of CO2 laser marker equipment’s available in the market, you may find various options of wavelengths in these machines. Commonly, a CO2 laser  has three wavelengths including; 10.6μm, 10.2μm, 9.3μm. Each of these wavelengths is ideal for marking on specific types of products mainly. Therefore, make sure you choose a CO2 laser marker having an ideal wavelength according to your marking requirements.

· Price:

The price is undoubtedly a huge factor when considering CO2 laser marking equipment in the market. While going too high may offer you smart functions in most cases, it’s better to understand what a neutral budget may be for a CO2 laser marking machine and then pick a machine that offers all the necessary features in the same budget.

That’s all to our short guide on the CO2 laser marker. Now that you’re fully aware of everything about this smart and advanced laser marking method, it’s time you go ahead and make that purchase already. Happy Shopping!