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Portable & Handheld Laser Marking Machine

portable laser marking machine
portable laser marking machine
portable laser marking machine

OT-LP series fiber laser marking machine with high efficiency, multi-function, ultra-stable, strong power.It adopts high-quality materials, wear-resistant, not easy to scratch,high-end accessories, low consumption and durable and high-quality beam,which is a good choice for affordable laser marking machine.

The amazing portable laser marking machine for engraving on bare metal surfaces! It comes with a Galvo lens, workbench surface, and more, our fiber laser marking equipment is ready to mark your dreams into reality. Get ready to laser your way through a variety of metals with ease. Soon, you and your laser will be beaming with possibilities!


-Various metal materials such as stainless steel, titanium, brass etc.
-Plastic materials such as PP PE PVC, ABS etc
-Coating metal
-Epoxy resin
-Electroplating materials

The Key Features:

  • Convenient and flexible,Eco-friendly
  • Long working life(50,000~100,000 hours)
  • Advanced laser generator,stable laser output
  • High spped galvo scanner:20% increase in speed
  • Suitable for marking small and accuracy characters
  • Low power consumption
  • Customization is avalibale
  • Air cooling system,free maintenance
  • Supports contionous 24-hour work load
  • Compact structure,easy to install and operate

Portable Laser Marking Machine

-Raycus,Max and JPT laser source.
-20W,30W,50W laser power.
-70mmx70mm/110mm x110mm/175mmx175mm/200mm x200mm/300mm x300mm

What Makes Our Work Better

laser source

Brand Laser Source

Brand laser source,excellent quality, like Raycus,Max,JPT and high quality parts, high marking accuracy, fast speed, stable performance, and fiber laser source life span up to 100,000 hours.

Digital Galvanometer

Digital Galvanometer

The galvanometer scanning system is designed with new technology, new materials, new processes, and new working principles,ensure more accuracy and high speed.

portable 20w laser system

High Quality Lens

High-quality field lens will improve the ability of the edge beam to ensure laser energy distribution more even,which can be used in harsh enviroments.

laser system lifting shaft

Lifting Shaft

The lifting shaft is made of aviation aluminum alloy material, and the height of the lens is adjusted by rotating to achieve the ideal marking focal length and result.

portable laser marker scale
portable laser marker lens
portable laser marker lens

Option Design

portable fiber metal laser marking machine

Style A

portable laser marking machine

Style B

portable fiber metal laser marking machine

Style C


laser TypeFiberFiberFiber
Power Output20W30W50W
Standard Marking Area100mm*100mm100mm*100mm100mm*100mm
Optional Marking Area175mm/200mm250mm/300mm
Marking Speed≤9000mm/s≤9000mm/s≤9000mm/s
Repeated Accuracy±0.001mm±0.001mm±0.001mm
Wave Length1064±10nm1064±10nm1064±10nm
Min Line Widthadjustable
min line Characters0.01mm0.01mm0.01mm
Power supply0.2mm0.2mm0.2mm
Colling wayAC220±10% 50HZ or AC110V±10% 60HZ
Operation temperature10-35℃10-35℃10-35℃
Laser generator life50,000~100,000 hours

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Portable Laser Marking Machine:Ultimate Guide

Portable laser marking machine is also known as hand-held laser marking machine,these device adopts fiber laser or CO2 laser source to print the high accuracy and permanent marks on metal and no-metal material.

Our portable laser marking machine with compact design,air cooling,high efficiency and high stability advantages,which can solve the issues of laser marking large parts.

Features of Portable Laser Marking Machine

High-speed Marking

The portable laser marker can marking a mount of quantities of small- to medium-sized parts,there are two type of laser including CO2 and fiber option,which can fast engrave a variety of non-metallic materials including wine bottle, craft gift, ceramic marking, non-woven cutting, wood items, leather, stainless steel tag (painted), etc(CO2 Laser).Portable fiber laser marking machine is used to engrave metal products, such as titanium steel, iron, aluminum, etc..

Low Cost of Operation

When portable marking machine with built-in fiber laser is hardly maintenance free and high reliable. Which can save much operation and maintenance cost,like not only saving a lot of power consumption,but also no extra consumables when marking.

Easy operation

The control software supports a mount of file formats,such as:bmp,jpg,gif,tga,png,tif,ai,dxf,dst,plt,etc. It is very easy to start marking only need to simply set a few parameters.

Friendly reminder

The laser light will light up when there is a laser shoot, which can clearly distinguish.

laser marking sample

Safety protective cover

Acrylic protective cover can keep more safety.

Small body size

The body size of portable laser marking machine is only as the host computer size, you can carry and place it anywhere you want , very convenient.

System optional configuration

Rotary marking attachment

rotary attachment

Laser rotary marking attachment is used to clamp the workpiece,which can laser mark cylindrical and round objects using the rotary engraving attachment.

With the rotary engraving attachment you can laser mark components 360°, both on the circumference and on the inside.

F-theata scan lens

scan lens

Laser protection glasses

laser protective glasses

Laser fume purifier

fume extraction system

Laser fume extraction system and laser fume purifier can fully protect your production environment and the cleanliness of the laser machine

Smoke exhaust is an important element of any laser marking system, which can remove smoke and particulate debris generated during the marking process.

Keep the laser lens clean, therefor, extending uptime

Maintain a safe operator working environment

Keep the production line clean to ensure product quality

We provides a variety of smoke extraction systems and laser smoke purifiers to meet your production line needs.

X/Y adjustable table

x y adjustable table


Rotary/F-theta scan lens/Laser protection glasses/Smoke purify system

The Advantages of Portable Laser Marking Machine

The clear and permanent mark produced by laser marking machine printing on the surface of the workpiece is its outstanding feature.


Laser marking is a non-contact processing method, which can print marks on any regular or irregular surface without deformed and keeping the original accuracy of the workpiece. No corrosion, no “tool” wear, no poison and no pollution.

High accuracy

The fine patterns of object engraved by the laser marking machine, and the minimum line width can reach 0.04mm. Moreover,The marking is clear, durable and beautiful. Laser marking can meet the require of printing large amounts of data on extremely small plastic parts. For example, it can print more accuracy and clarity codes than imprinting or jet marking methods.


The mark will not fade due to environmental changing (touch, acid gas, high temperature, low temperature, etc..


The mark engraved by laser marking technology is not prone to imitate and change and strong anti-counterfeiting.

Easy operation

Due to the combination of laser and computer technology,customer can realize laser printing output by simple set a few parameters.

High efficiency

The marking process can be completed within a few seconds.

Many Applications

Laser marking can be used for a variety of metal and non-metal materials (aluminum, copper, iron, wood products, etc..

Low operating cost

The marking speed of portable laser marking machine is fast and low energy consumption.Moreover,the investment of the portable laser marking machine is less than that of desktop laser marking equipment.


Q:How does it Work?

Laser marking machine uses laser beam to make permanent marks on the surface of various materials. The principle of marking is to evaporate the surface of material to expose the deep material or utilize photon to “carve” mark through the physical changing to make the pattern,text,code and other graphics.

Q:What Materials Can Be Marked With Portable Laser Marking Machine?

laser marking metal sample


Portable CO2 laser can be used in leather, ABS, acrylic, PC, bamboo and wood products, paper, glass, ceramics, EP and other non-metallic materials for various texts, symbols, graphics, images, barcodes, furniture, leather clothing, advertising signs, models Manufacturing, food packaging, electronic components, medical packaging, printed cardboard, shell nameplates and other industries.

Portable Fiber Laser can be used in a various of metal material,especially suitable for marking and engraving items such as hardware tools, knives and kitchenware, plastic products, computer keyboards, metal jewelry, buttons, integrated circuits, packaging bottles and cans, spectacle frames, and sanitary ware faucets.

Q:Who Will Use the Portable Laser Marking Machine?

Small advertising design

For advertising design business,the portable laser marking machine is an important device when designing some small advertisement.

For example, many of the banners are made by using this portable laser marking machine, including some small individual advertisements.In addition,It is a very practical product due to its high work efficiency and good returns.

Outdoor marking production

Most of people may think these portable laser marking machines are commonly used in indoor marking application.In fact,It is also beneficial to outdoor application such as when making many outdoor advertisements,especially for some build some not very large outdoor advertising signs.Portable laser marking machine will be more practical and more convenient than the traditional manual method.

Office application

Many large integrated companies involve many businesses, such as the advertising departments.Portable laser marking machines can print product templates, company signs and advertisement banner etc.

Q:How Much Does a Portable Laser Marking Machine?

How much does a portable laser marking machine for small batch engraving, like gift customization,company proofing and personal DIY engraving etc.For these group, the price of portable laser marking machine is between 1500 USD and 4000 USD.These range price will get a relative good return.

There are some factors that affecting the price of portable laser marking machine:

Performance: The better the performance of the portable laser marking machine, the more expensive it is.

Configuration: The configuration of portable laser marking machine will also affect the price,like parameters of the equipment. In general,The higher the configuration, the price of device more expensive.

Output power:The large the power of the portable laser marking machine, the more expensive it is.For example, there are 10w, 20w, 30w and 60w fiber laser marking machines. In the case of other configurations are the same, the price of 60w will be higher than that of 30w. The greater the power, the higher the price, but not the greater the power.the better choice.

Brand:With the same power and configuration, but the price is difference of portable laser marking machines from different brand.

When people buy a portable laser marking machine,you should look at the price from the performance, configuration,power and brand to comprehensively choose a more cost-effective machine to fit you own requirement.For example, although our portable laser marking machine is slightly higher than the market price, due to its high quality, the top brand IAMLEDWALL used LED screen supplier also buy some machine to mark logo on ther display, achieving good results.

Q:Why The Marking Is Not Clear Enough?

The problem of operation. The main reason may be that the marking speed is too fast, the laser power current is not turned on or is too small.


We should know what causes the unclear marking when operation. If the marking speed is too fast, we can reduce marking speed to increase the marking density. If it is the laser power supply current problem, We can turn it on or adjust more large power supply current.

The problem of equipment. Such as field lens, galvanometer, laser output lens and other equipment problems. When the field lens is too dirty, which affects focusing, uneven heating of the vibrating lens, or even cracking, or the film of the vibrating lens is dirty and damaged, and the laser output lens is dirty.


When the portable fiber laser marking machine operation, an exhaust fan should be added to prevent dirty. If it is the dirty problem,We can wipe the lens. If the lens is broken,we recommended to replace the lens, and finally seal the galvanometer system to prevent the moisture and dust.

Q:Why Is The Graphics Misaligned During Circular Laser Marking?

Generally, it is caused by the misalignment of the axis direction of the rotating worktable and the axis of the galvanometer (also called laser scanning head).It will inevitably deviate due to the two axes do not coincide during the laser marking, which will cause misalignment.