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NamePlate Marking machine

dot peen marking machine

Dot Peen Marking Machine For Nameplate

This nameplate marking machine with stable,clear printing, deep printing and wide printing area.With portable marking system design, you will get easy operation, printing numbers, letters A-Z, graphics, common symbols and any other marks on metal nameplate.

Laser Marking Machine For metal nameplate

Laser marking of metal nameplates is more beautiful and faster. Laser technology is produced to compensate for contact marking. Laser marking machine for nameplates will become more popular in the future.

Portable NameplateLaser Marking Machine

WE offers portable fiber laser marking machine to directly and permanently mark on the metal nameplate, including data matrix codes, QR codes, serial numbers, and logos. Our high-end fiber laser technology without consumables, no maintenance, and provide the noticeable markings.

portable laser marking machine

Fiber Laser Marker For Metal Nameplate

We offers fiber laser marking machine to engrave  metal nameplate,  stainless steel tag signs and other metal material etc, laser marking machine comes with rotary attachment,therefore,regardless of whether the nameplate is tall, short, fat or thin, it can be used for all kinds of application.

fiber laser marking machine

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Metal Name Plate Marking & Engraving Machine

How do you entitle a specific property, vehicle, or other items that belong to you? Do you simply register it on your name or entitle it in more ways for the passerby to know that the specific product belongs to you? Yes, you guessed it right – you add a nameplate to it!

While this wasn’t a hard riddle to solve, what can be daunting is choosing the wrong nameplate for your precious belongings. Mostly, when we tend to go cheap or personally creative in making our belongings entitled to us, we choose the wrong material for our nameplate. However, the best way to make anything permanent, even your name and the name plate’s position, is to choose the toughest material for nameplate manufacturing. 

Considering this, the modern-day businesses that focus on manufacturing nameplates tend to create iron, wood, and even metal nameplates today. Now that’s certainly a great way to make your products entitles permanently as yours only. Yet, do you know how these metal plates are given your name? One must consider it a simple painting process or using easy techniques that cut the nameplates in a specific shape and then add names/designs to it. However, it’s not as simple as that – even when you technically count on the modern nameplate engraver.

 Sure, it may be less hectic and human-power-consuming when cutting or engraving a metal nameplate with names and designs, but it doesn’t work like simple magic too. The entire process of nameplate engraving with the right kind of nameplate laser engraving machine can be smooth or hectic depending upon the choice of machine you purchase. Sow without further ado, let’s go ahead and explore everything you need to know about cutting and engraving a metal nameplate, shall we?

engraving nameplate

A Brief History: The Beginning of Laser Engraving

Before you go ahead and choose a nameplate engraver, it’s important to understand when this smart engraving and cutting machine made most of the production and engraving tasks easier. Although manual and hectic tools were used to cut or engrave sturdy items like wood, metal, iron, etc., they took a lot of time and effort. Yet, the early 1990s introduced an easier and more convenient engraving and cutting solution with laser engraving machines. Over time, laser engraving technology evolved, and different engraving machines were introduced. Up till now, the different laser engraving technologies introduce and used by businesses include:

· Co2 laser engraving machine

· YAG laser engraving machine

· Fiber laser engraving machine. 

The usage of these different nameplate laser engraving machines depends upon the type of material you are cutting or engraving. Yet, the CO2 laser engraver is most widely used for its suitability and convenience of usage with almost all kinds of materials efficiently. 

Over time, the technology and devices introduced by manufacturers for laser engraving and cutting tasks have developed a lot. So today, it’s easier to find laser engraver’s for not just nameplate manufacturing and engraving but also for usage on all kinds of hard and gentle products.  

 Advantages of Laser Engraving and Cutting Machines

Even when the modern technology of laser cutting and engraving is widely being sued in many manufacturing industries, most people still opt for old-school engraving methods. Yet, depending on your budget, ease, and time limit, it’s always better to approach the best nameplate laser engraving machine. Some of the reasons and benefits of these machines for businesses and individual usages include:

· Non-Contact Method: one of the major reasons that make laser engraving machines the advanced and most reliable option is their non-contact performance. Whether it’s a delicate item like glass or a hard item like steel, the laser technology doesn’t touch it during the cutting or engraving process. So no matter what item it is, there is the least wear and tear damage concerns on the tools. 

· Crisp and Clean Quality: The prior engraving and cutting methods did their task of adding names/designs or cutting items in different shapes, but it wasn’t always clean and clear. However, the presence of today’s laser technology ensures a modern clear, and eye-catching finishing after every engraving or cutting task. In this way, using the nameplate engraver ensures that the nameplate material ends up with a crisp, clear, and permanently engraved outlook. 

· Fast and Convenient: Another benefit of the modern-day laser technology used as spare parts or nameplate laser engraving machines is undoubtedly, their fast and convenient performance. These machines tend to work faster and accurately as compared to the previous engraving and cutting tools. Moreover, the modern designs of laser technology have evolved so much that they come in various user-friendly and easy-to-maintain models. As a result, whether you are a professional or a novice user, having the perfect laser engraver can take away most of your engraving and cutting struggles in minutes. 

· Graphic Engraving: finally, a benefit we can’t ignore about the modern laser engraving systems is their ability to engrave photographs or graphics from a specific system. It means that such laser engraving machines can perform nameplate engraving by printing a design or matrix marking on the nameplate. All you have to do is choose the design or graphic you want on the nameplate or any other item on the connected system/PC, and then let the laser machine do the task. 

Applications of Name Plate Engraving and Cutting machines

The nameplate laser engraving machines used for engraving and cutting other items aren’t just popular in a specific nameplate industry. Instead, these machines are widely popular and sued in various other businesses and industries for accurate and convenient engraving/cutting tasks. Some such industries and their uses of the nameplate engraving machine include: 

· Motors Industry:

The motor manufacturing industry doesn’t just use engraved and customized nameplates but also requires engraving/cutting of the motor parts. For instance, adding code, brand name, or batch no on motor parts is mostly managed through laser engraving machines. Therefore, it is highly crucial to use laser engraving machines in such industries because it allows the operators and maintenance staff to understand the work while rightly operating these motors in the businesses. 

· Automobile Industry:

Like the motor industry, the automobile industry today also demands the usage of nameplate engraving machines. Although the usage of nameplates customized and permanently marked on automobiles isn’t hidden or unknown by anyone – it’s not the only use of laser machines in this industry.

Instead, the usage of these machines also allows easy shaping/cutting of the automobile parts during the manufacturing process. Moreover, adding manufacturer name, part number, serial number, etc., permanently on the parts is also convenient using the laser engraving machine. Hence, these machines are also highly demanded in the automobile industry. 

· Aviation Industry:

When it comes to the nameplate laser engraving machines and marking techniques, the airplane parts also need permanent marking with nameplates on them. Depending on the regulations, these nameplates and nameplate marking techniques help permanently mark the aviation industry products – making them more convenient and reliable for the users and manufacturers. 

· Medical Industry:

Apart from the technical industries that require nameplate engraving machines, todays’ medical industry has also become dependent on these machines and technologies. The use of laser technology in these industries serves as the presently used marking tactic for the tools used in the medical field.

Since it’s more relevant to our health and security, addressing each medical tool and equipment rightly to avoid confusion is only possible with permanent marking techniques like laser engravers and cutters. Hence, the nameplate marking technique is used in this industry to mark and entitle machines like ventilators, dialysis machines, health monitoring machines, etc.

· Apparel and Decorative Industry

Finally, we can’t miss the creative industry that also requires the nameplate engraving machines and technology to become more advanced, appealing, and lasting today, i.e., the apparel and decoration industry. The world of decoration, which is wider than our expectations, is also conveniently customizable using this technology.

From adding decorative fonts for name engraving on nameplates of all types to adding creative designs or graphics, everything is possible using the nameplate laser engraving machines. Not just the nameplates, but these machines also help create permanent customized designs on handy items like leather bags, watches, glass ornaments, frames, toys, etc. With so much outclass and crispy designing and engraving on any kind of item becoming easier than ever; there’s no way you can doubt on the importance of the laser technology in the apparel and decoration world.

Engraving Machine for Nameplate

When you are ready to purchase a nameplate engraving machine, you first need to understand your application, budget and production etc. For example, are you a mass nameplate manufacturer, or a dog tag maker and a retailer of marking metal parts?

There are many nameplate engraving machines on the market that can meet different requirement, such as fiber laser marking machine, dot pin marking machine, manual dog tag engraving machine, etc. A fiber laser marking machine is very flexible engraving machine,which can permanently mark various graphics on the metal nameplate.A dot pin marking machine usually needs air source and smoke exhaust machine to complete the work smoothly. Although the price of dot pin marking machine is cheaper than laser engraver,but it will produce a certain amount of wear after a period of working time.,and need to replace the needle regularly and additional production costs, such as gas supply.

Although manual dog tags re cheapest in above machines, the number of characters for marking is limited and the efficiency is not high. Moreover,there are certain requirements for the material, size and thickness of the work-piece.

Through the above comparison, you should select a nameplate engraving machine according to your needs.

Fiber Laser Marking Machine By OT LASER

portable 20W fiber laser

OTLASER, as a professional engraving machine manufacturer in China, we provide a variety of machines that can be used for nameplate engraving, for example, 20W portable laser engraver is a mini size, high photoelectric conversion efficiency and high efficiency engraving machine.For detailed,What is the difference between 20W,30W and 50W laser maker. Further,you can not only engrave metal nameplates, but also many other application. You can use it for metal jewelry engravingknife engraving, etc. The stable machine can help you realize any personalized  and fine engraving marks.

Dot Peen Marking Machine for Nameplate

The dot pin marking machine is a kind of CNC-controlled machine,and marking head movement in the X, Y two-dimensional plane according to a certain trajectory, while the  needle makes high-frequency impact motion under the action of compressed air, thereby marking a certain depth of mark on the work-piece .

It can not only be used for metal marking, but also suitable for marking hard plastic materials. Furthermore, its marking depth is deeper than fiber laser engraving machine, and it is also a permanent marking. If you are interested in dot-pin marking machines , You can see our pneumatic dot pin marking machine and 10 best  dot pin marking machine.

Engraving Machine for Dog Tags

Dog tags are usually made of stainless steel, aluminum alloy and other metal materials. They can be used to record personal information of soldiers, such as contact information, blood type and name, etc., while some pet tags can prevent pets from being lost and quickly find their owners.

There are many engraving machine on the market that can also be used for dog tag , for example, you can see our 10 best dog tag engraving machine  or manual metal tag embossing machine.

How To Improve Nameplate Marking Efficiency

With the development of marking technology, more and more marking machines are used for nameplate marking, such as metal embossing machine, pneumatic marking machine and laser marking machine. Although these machine is suitable for nameplate marking, if you use a simple marking attachment, which will cause some problems such as less nameplate clamp  and loose during work that will decrease work efficiency. Furthermore, improper operation may even cause damage to the machine, resulting in lower the nameplate marking quality and the service lifespan, So how to design a reliable, flexible and economical attachment?

In this chapter, we will provide a upgrading attachment design idea to improve the efficiency and quality of nameplate marking.

Nameplate marking attachment structure

nameplate marking attachment

The attachment of nameplate marking is mainly composed of four parts: clamping device, cam mechanism, spring device and base. The parts and components are like below:



Base plate




Fixed plate






compression screw


flat washer




adjusting screws


adjusting cushion


 fixing screws


The nameplate marking attachment are composed of a base plate, a slider, a fixing plate, a carriage, a lever, a compression screw, a flat washer, two springs, two adjusting screws, two adjusting cushion, four fixing screws and a pin .

How does it work?

The working principle of the nameplate marking attachment is to apply pressure to the spring device through the cam mechanism,then fix the nameplate after releasing the elastic force through the spring device.

nameplate marking attachment


The base consists of a base plate, a fixing plate and screws. The fixing plate is fixed on the base plate through screws,and the upper edge of the fixing plate is designed with a 45 ° wedge groove that is used to automatically compress the nameplate. Four mounting holes are designed on the base plate, which is used for connecting to the marking machine.

nameplate marking attachment

cam mechanism

The cam mechanism consists of a slider, a lever and a pin,which can rotate by applying external force through the lever.The front end of the lever is a cam,and the cam on the lever is fixed on the slider with a pin to build a cam mechanism system.

nameplate marking attachment

spring device

The spring device consists of a spring, an adjusting screw and an adjusting cushion. The spring embeds in the sliding block of the cam mechanism through the base. We can adjust the elastic force or the compression amount of the spring through the screw to reach the right tightness of the clamp,which is suitable for marking different nameplate materials, and avoiding deformed or damaged in the clamping process.

nameplate marking attachment

clamping device

The clamping device consist of carriage, compression screw and flat washer. The carriage is fixed on the sliding block of the cam mechanism through compression screw and flat washer.Therefore,the movement of the sliding block drives the carriage to move to achieve clamping nameplate. In addition, a hole is designed on the carriage, which is suitable for different sizes of nameplate marking.

The nameplate marking attachment is to compresses the spring device through the cam mechanism. When the lever rotates outward, the cam axis at the front end of the lever is farther and farther away from the fixed plate. Since the fixed plate is fixed, the lever drives the slider and the carriage to move outward together. At the same time, the slider compresses the spring and make nameplate keep a disassemble mode. When the lever rotates in the opposite direction, the cam axis at the front end of the lever is closer and closer to the fixed plate, and the lever drives the slider and carriage to move in the opposite direction under the force of spring to fix the nameplate.


nameplate marking attachment
nameplate marking attachment
The nameplate marking attachment with characteristics like below: Using the rod principle to clamp and loosen the attachment, simple and easy to operate,which will greatly improve the work efficiency. The clamping force adjustable,and the spring force can be adjusted according to different nameplate materials,avoiding  deform or damage during marking. It can be suitable for marking nameplates with different size. Good fixed, no looseness or displacement, which can greatly improve the marking quality. Simple and compact structure,low production cost.


The usage of laser technology and the nameplate engraving machine’s in today’s world is wider than our imagination,it can be used as bookmark marker,glass engraver and other metal and no-metal printing machine. With the need for marking, entitling, and naming things rightly to avoid confusion and maintain safe and appropriate usage of the machines and products we use today, laser technology has certainly made everything easier. So what’s stopping you from having your nameplate engraving machine and making the most out of its wide usage? Go get one!