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Metal Tag Embossing Machine


  • Size of characters:2*3mm
  • Size of tags:Same as standard dog tag
  • Thinkness of stainless steel tag≤0.4mm,aluminum≤0.5mm
  • Gross weight:10kg

Dog Tag Embossing Machine

Dog tag embossing machine can emboss a variety of labels information on dog tags and nameplates.

The main application of the metal tag embossing machine is to provide the Armed dog tag embossing services.A lot of the nations have them used for armed personal basic information. This labels includes name, contact information,the type of blood and other some key information. These dog tags is beneficial for identifying someone in case of an accident or suffer during serve in the army. Therefore, it is very important to properly embossing dog tags for bearing the brunt of harsh serve in the army and resistant to environmental change.

In case of missing or wearing and tearing,The important dog tags that you must have,So,if you prepare a portable and easy operation metal embossing machine is an ideal machine when occurring an urgent require.

Metal Plate Embossing Machine

Metal or aluminum nameplates are an important part of machines or other products.For example,in the machine industry,each machine need to poss a nameplate to show themself key information like:manufacturer,production date,serial number,model and technical parameters etc.

These clear and noticeable identification nameplates are commonly not very difficult to engrave and also spend a little cost,However,they can offer a lot of benefits to manufacturer and customer.So,you need a simple and effective machine that can help you make it.A metal tag embossing machine is an ideal solution for engraving these information.

OEM Customizable Embossing Machine

If you want make a creative idea and special request into reality,our OEM embossing machine may can help you.No matter if are looking a machine to mark pet dog tag labeling or other personal customizable need.you can contact us.

  • Size,font of characters can be customized
  • Small model:Used for size of tag≤100mm,thinkness of stainless steel tag≤0.4mm,aluminum≤0.5mm
  • Larger model:Used for size of tags≥100mm,thinkness of stainless steel and aluminum tag less than 0.4mm
  • Gross weight:20kg
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Metal Tag Embossing Machine:Ultimate Guide

From PVC to aluminum and metal nameplates, they common be fixed or attached to an item to provide customer with information such as manufacturer identification, brand differentiation and product parameters. Do you want to make exquisite nameplate information? There are so many metal marking equipment on the market from emboss marking,pneumatic marking to laser marking. Each equipment has its unique advantage, if you just mark some simple characters, then the metal embossing machine is your first choice.


The manual embossing machine is to press out prominent letters and numbers on the PVC card and metal surface,making the card recognizable and unique marks. There are two types of embossing machines on the market: manual and electric emboss machine. Manual embossing machines are cheaper and easier to use, So a lot of small and medium-sized cards and signs manufacturing units use manual embossing machines.


Manual metal tag embossing machine can stamp characters on the metal sign, such as: model, date, batch number, serial number, serial number, etc,which is suitable for manufacturers, equipment and steel distribution departments and other units to make machine signs.

Metal marking solution Option


If you need a machine that can effectively work on metal and produce a exquisite mark.Above metal embossing machine can not meet your need,you may consider below marking solution:

Fiber laser marking machine for Metal

Laser marking is one of the most popular used method for marking metal material. With the high effective and no consumables marking method,you can print a variety of text and patterns on the metal.This machines utilize a high energy laser beam to heat the surface of metal and print some permanent marks. Furthermore, it can provide an accurate and a scale of production solution for the engraving needs.

However, on the downside, the laser marking machines are common expensive than other types of marking machine. But, if you choose a portable laser marking machine that may reduce much initial cost.These solution can also provide many other application,If you are interesting it,click here to know more laser marking detail.

Dot peen marking Machine

Dot peen marking is one of the most used methods for thickness metal deep marking. Like laser marking,It is also controlled by CNC system,So,these way can provide a fine and permanent mark on metal. The dot peen marking is a economic solution form metal marking. However,the speed of marking is much slower than that of the laser marking,which is suitable for small and medium production usage.Moreover,these machine need to consume a certain air source and  regular replace dot needles.So,the cost of operation are higher than laser marking.Of course,there are another type of dot peen machine that is electromagnetic dot peen marking machine.They have own advantages and disadvantages in metal marking.Click here to know more dot peen marking detail.

Metal Electrochemical Etching Machine

Electrochemical Etching is another traditional method of marking metal parts. This way posses very simple operation and cost lesser than any marking method. However,They are commonly used for marking character that not need frequency change.So , there is a certain limited of application.If you only have a limited budget,you may consider these way.Click here to know more electrochemical etching detail.



How does it Work?

Select the required letters or numbers

Steplessly adjust the marking location and line spacing by a special mechanical mechanism

Embossing the letters, numbers or graphics with a certain depth (0.1-1mm) on the metal plate through the alloy steel code under the action of external force;

How to Use it

  • Place the card into the card slot at the front of the frame, and use the card holder to clamp the blank nameplate in the card slot.
  • Rotate the code selection dial and turn to the required character.
  • The up and down position of the nameplate to be printed can be selected by gently pushing and pulling the card frame.
  • Choose the left and right position of the card, move it right by directly push the card frame; move it left by gently press the handle (about 15 degrees) and then reset.
  • The card embossing is from left to right. After each character is embossed, it will automatically move one step to the left.
  • Press down the handle to the end embossing characters and reset it.
  • If the characters printed are dark or light, you can adjust the screws in the adjustment holes at the bottom of the machine.


  • Please use an available size card,avoid to use oversize cards for embossing stamping.
  • When rotating the code wheel, avoid to press down the handle.
  • Avoid to place hands or other objects into the machine.
  • When not operation, please move the card frame to the far left.
  • Frequently wipe and oil the place where the machine moves to prevent rust.