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Malaysia is a popular Southeast Asian country that has a place for its beautiful sites, public places, and management. While these 33 million populated countries are not limited to any specific culture or trend, its manufacturing, and technology industry is also growing rapidly. Whether it’s the smart tech used in our day-to-day lives or the production technologies that make production tasks automated and convenient – Malaysia isn’t lacking in anything. 

Focusing on that, there’s no doubt that the popular and highly trusted laser technology has made its place in the Malaysian industry too. From reliable laser engraving machines and technologies to laser cutters, laser markers, and numerous other laser technologies – the use of lasers in the manufacturing industry is wide. But how do you make the best laser technology investment in Malaysia for your production business or personal skills improvement? We know, why not explore some of the best laser cutting machine suppliers and laser engraving manufacturers in Malaysia? Besides, when it comes to the investment of machines, trusting in the best manufacturers and suppliers is the only way to make a productive investment. 

So, without further ado, let’s go ahead and explore eight popular laser machine manufacturers in Malaysia below in detail. 

Top Malaysian Laser Machine Manufacturers

1.Ezlaser. my:

The first best and most reliable laser cutting machine supplier in Malaysia on our list is Ezlaser.my. This laser machine’s manufacturing company serves as a professional laser cutter supplier in Malaysia. This company has been serving with its innovative technology since 2015 and has been offering its customers a wide range of laser cutting and engraving technologies. Mainly, Ezlaser.my is popular for designing and manufacturing efficient CO laser cutting and engraving machines – offering low-cost, user-friendly, and multifunctional tools to the users. 

Mainly, the laser technologies offered by this laser engraving manufacturer company are focused on improving the new start-up businesses, well-established companies, and small-scale creator’s production and designing abilities with their laser technologies. 

2.Advance Pacific Machinery Sdn Bhd:

This Malaysia-based metal machinery supplier is also a popular name among the best laser cutting machine supplier companies in Malaysia. Advance Pacific Machinery Sdn Bhd is also known to be a trustworthy metal machinery supplier and CNC machinery supplier company. This company focuses on supplying top-quality and reliable machines and products for the manufacturing and designing industry. The competitive rates of the reliable and efficient machines offered by Advance Pacific Machinery Sdn Bhd make them an ideal option.

Although this laser engraving manufacturer is known mainly for its high-quality laser machines and technology, it also designs and manufacturers other machinery like folding machines, lathe machines, etc. 


THYE HONG TECHNOLOGY (M) SDN BHD is also a well-known name in the laser cutting machine supplier companies in Malaysia. This Malaysian company is known for being a leading supplier of laser technology. The wide range of laser technology supplied by THYE HONG TECHNOLOGY (M) SDN BHD is most efficiently known and trusted by its users for its high-quality performance and time-saving design. However, the major focus and specialization of THYE HONG TECHNOLOGY (M) SDN BHD in laser technology is focused on laser cutting machines and computerized sign-making laser machinery equipment. 

For both small-scale and large-scale businesses in the designing and manufacturing niche, THYE HONG TECHNOLOGY (M) SDN BHD supplies non-meta engraving and cutting machines. Hence, there’s no doubt that you can easily count on the cost-efficient and reliable laser technology offered by this company – to offer efficient outcomes on basic and non-metal products.  

4.KL Industries Suppliers (M) Sdn Bhd:

KL Industries Suppliers (M) Sdn Bhd is also a Malaysian-based popular laser cutting machine supplier and laser engraver manufacturer. The beginning of this company wasn’t focused on complete laser technology and production machines. Instead, KL Industries Suppliers (M) Sdn Bhd started off as a humble industry solution provider in 2011. Since then, it may have focused mainly on its field but has also expanded effectively in other manners.

Currently, the KL Industries Suppliers (M) Sdn Bhd company focuses on manufacturing a wide variety of manufacturing and helpful machines. This includes a laser marking machine, grinding machine, chuck system, carbide drill, machine reamer, machine accessories, etc. Among all these machines, the variety and efficient performance of the laser system offered by this company is also highly trusted by businesses and small-scale manufacturers. All in all, KL Industries Suppliers (M) Sdn Bhd aims to grow further with its wider machine variety and efficient/high-quality manufacturing. 

5.Solutron Industrial Supplies:

This Malaysian laser cutting machine supplier is mainly known for manufacturing printing equipment and supplies. The wide variety of printing technologies and solutions offered by Solutron Industrial Supplies focus on promoting cost-efficient, easier, and tech-oriented printing for boxes, packaging, and other products/businesses. One of the major addition of printing technology offered by Solutron Industrial Supplies includes laser solutions.

Solutron Industrial Supplies is known to supply laser marking solutions for years, making it a trusted name in the Malaysian laser equipment market. Not just that, but Solutron Industrial Supplies is also offering a wide range of laser engraving machines that are used for marking and engraving on metal, plastic, and other manufacturing materials.


Since the use of laser technology isn’t just limited to cutting or marking items, ASB WELDING MACHINERY SDN BHD aims to promote this technology in more forms in the Malaysian market. Hence, this well-known and trusted laser engraving manufacturer is known to manufacture and supply welding equipment. ASB WELDING MACHINERY SDN BHD is a laser cutting machine supplier that mainly focuses on using laser and other techniques to promote welding machines, equipment, and products. ASB WELDING MACHINERY SDN BHD is a leading welding machine supplier in the industry, thanks to its keen focus on promoting efficient, reliable, and high-quality machinery and tools.

ASB WELDING MACHINERY SDN BHD is trusted by its customers as the sole distributor of a comprehensive range of metal welding machines and technologies. Although ASB WELDING MACHINERY SDN BHD started in 2009 as a private limited company, it has now made its name as a popular company in the welding machine supply. Moreover, the companies enterprise also operates in the Wholesale Trade Industry.

7.MSE Industries Sdn Bhd(MSE Laser):

Another popular name in the laser engraving equipment supplier and the laser engraver manufacturer companies in Malaysia is MSE Industries Sdn Bhd(MSE Laser). Similar to the previously mentioned company, the MSE Industries Sdn Bhd(MSE Laser) also focuses on providing welding solutions to different small-scale and large-scale businesses. Mainly, MSE Industries Sdn Bhd(MSE Laser) deals with reliable and sustainable laser welding, thermal spray products, and solutions for critical welding maintenance and integration application.

The laser-based and other services and machinery offered by MSE Industries Sdn Bhd(MSE Laser) aren’t just supplied in across different industries but also supplied country-wide. The wide range of laser welding machines and spray products offered by MSE Industries Sdn Bhd(MSE Laser) include different options for its customers, including laser welding machines, microplasma machines, etc. 


Lastly, our eighth addition in this list of the best laser engraver supplier and laser engraver manufacturers is MYSLASER SDN BHD. Similar to the other businesses mentioned above, MYSLASER SDN BHD is also a popular name that is trusted for its laser machines and technology. Simply put, MYSLASER SDN BHD serves as a leading laser machine manufacturer in Malaysia.

The products and machines at MYSLASER SDN BHD are specially designed to promote quality performance and efficiency for every task – limiting manual effort. Although MYSLASER SDN BHD also offers a wide range of machinery to its customers, some specific categories it focuses on manufacturing and promoting in laser technology include; Co2 laser, fiber laser (welding) fiber laser (cutting). Additionally, MYSLASER SDN BHD also deals with bending machines, CNC routers, vinyl cutter/plotter.

Wrapping Up

That’s all to our list of the best laser engraving machine supplier and laser engraver manufacturers in Malaysia. If you are willing to take your small-scale passion or business to the next level and promote automation and efficiency in the tasks, then it’s time to make the ideal supplier and manufacturer decision for ideal and beneficial investment.