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laser fume extractor

laser fume extractor

Laser Fume Extractor

Fume Extractor with integrated structure design, easy installation, flexible and portable.

High-power DC brushless motor with long life, low noise, and high air flow.

The triple filtration design of smoke filter ensures to remove harmful substances to protect healthy.

Built-in smoke filter circulating to avoid exhausting indoor air-conditioning/heating to the outside.

Multi-station design,the volume of air adjustable, PPR material flexible smoking pipes can be adjusted freely.

laser fume extractor
Air Volume350m3/h250m3/h
Filter index99.97%99.97%
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Laser Fume Extractor for Marking,Engraving & Welding

The laser fume purifier can effectively absorb and filter the smoke and dust generated in the welding, laser marking, laser engraving and other processing application,thereby preventing environmental pollution. The clean air after purification processing can be directly released indoors without external pipes to discharge outdoors,mainly used in:

  • Soldering iron welding
  • Tin furnace, wave soldering, reflow furnace
  • Laser welding, engraving, marking and cutting
  • Chemistry laboratory
  • Medical, beauty, etc.

What is a Fume Extractor?

Fume purifier is a purification equipment for industrial application,which can be used in soldering, electric welding, arc welding and other industrial welding and laser processing to collect and purify the fumes generated during the production,and protecting the environment and operation’s health.

The main components of the fume purifier include: fan, universal suction arm, hose, filter device, and control system, etc. The equipment has the advantages of high purification efficiency, strong power, low noise, and convenient operation.

How does a Fume Extractor Work?

Through the force of the fan, the fume exhaust gas is sucked into the air inlet of the equipment through the universal dust port.After the smoke and dust enter the settling chamber,using gravity and upward airflow, first the coarse dust is directly sank to the ash hopper, and the small dust is collected by the filter device on the outer surface.Then the gas filtered and purified by the filter device to flow into the clean room from the filter device, and the air is further purified by the activated carbon and discharged through the air outlet.

Why Choose a Fume Extractor?

A large amount of smoke and gas is generated during laser processing, and these gases contain a lot of harmful components such as formaldehyde, isocyanates, and hydrocarbons.It will cause great harm to operators and the environment. Therefore,It is important to install smoke purification equipment.

Types of Laser Fume Extractor

  • There are many types of laser smoke purifiers like below:
  • There are medium and high (efficiency) purifiers according to the filtration efficiency,
  • There are dry filtration and wet filtration according to the filtration method;
  • There are electrostatic field filtration and physical filtration etc among of dry filtration;

When selecting a laser smoke purifier,we should consider the flow rate of the purifier and the negative pressure of the purifier that can overcome the resistance of the filter element and the resistance of the pipeline and other systems to collect the smoke and harmful gases into the purifier and purify it.

Based on our experience, we can divide laser smoke purifiers into flow type and negative pressure type. Under the same output power, the flow type of purifier will produce a larger flow rate while a lower negative pressure. The pressure type of purifier will produce a larger negative pressure while a smaller flow rate. For example,assumed purifier with a power of 0.36Kw, a flow rate of 430 cubic meters per hour and a negative pressure of 3.5KPa, We can call a flow type of smoke purifier; Assumed purifier with a power of 2.2Kw and a flow rate of 300 cubic meters per hour and a negative pressure of 22KPa, We can call negative pressure type of purifier. A flow-type of purifier is suitable for larger diameter of the suction pipe and relatively small system resistance; a negative pressure laser smoke purifier is suitable for a relatively small diameter of the suction pipe but to generate a large flow rate to extract the smoke and dust.

Some Tips to Choosing a Fume Extractor

Fume purifier is a purification equipment for processing pollutants such as smoke and exhaust gas in industrial application. So,how to choose a suitable smoke purifier

  • Fan:The fan is the power source of the smoke purifier system. It should be equipped with appropriate air volume to ensure gas flow and purification efficiency.
  • Purification indicators:Purification efficiency is one of the main factors for considering the performance of the purifier. The higher the value, the better the filtration performance.
  • Safety:The safety indicators of the smoke purifier, such as: over current, leakage protection, etc.
  • Energy efficiency:The energy efficiency index is an important parameter to measure the purification performance and power consumption of the purifier.
  • Noise:We cannot ignore the potential harm caused by noise during production,therefore,the noise index cannot be ignored.

Some Factors To Affect the Price Of Fume Extractor

Smoke purification equipment is commonly used to purify dust, exhaust gas and other pollutants. It consists of fan,control system,main filter,pre-filter and dust suction pipe. However, the price of smoke  Fume Extractor is quite different, so what are the factors affexting the price?

  • Fan power:The fan provides power support for the operation of the smoke purification equipment. The power of the fan determines the dust removal speed and efficiency. Therefore, the selection of high-quality fans will affect the price of the fume extractor.Our smoke fume extractor adopts high quality fan, which has the advantages of high speed, strong power, low noise and maintenance-free.
  • Filter:Whether the smoke fume extractor can filter the inhaled dust and exhaust gas is closely related to the filter in the equipment. Pre-filtration is to absorb the larger particles in the airflow to prevent the main filter from being clogged . The filter layer of the main filter can absorb the smaller particles. Therefore, the quality of the filter also affecting the price of the smoke purification equipment.
  • Brand:No matter what product you are purchasing,the brand will affect product quality.

The above three factors all affect the price of fume extractor. Customer can compare various aspects when purchasing a fume extractor to find a suitable smoke purification equipment.