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Do you feel the need to level up your manufacturing and design business with laser designs? With laser technology improving and developing more and more over time, there’s no doubt that it’s the new way to introduce design and easy production for any small-scale and large scale business. With the innovative technological designs of the laser engraving machine and laser marking machine manufactured today, you can engrave unique designs and practice easier product cutting, marking, and shaping.

With so much coming your way with a single laser machine, what more do you need to grow your business efficiently? Besides, with everything advancing, it’s time you advance your small-scale designing or engraving business in the Philippines and introduce the time-saving and high-quality method of laser engraving on all kinds of products.

Now, if you’re stuck at making a choice between the different laser engraving machine models present in the market, we’re here to help you choose the right laser engraving machine suppliers in the Philippines. So without further ado, let’s go ahead and explore 5 top laser marking machine suppliers in the Philippines.

Top Philippine-based Laser Machine Suppliers:

1. KEYENCE Philippines:

Starting with the first most popular name in the laser engraving machine manufacturers and supplying the market in the Philippines, KEYENCE Philippines is a name we can’t miss. The company, KEYENCE, has been growing its name in the Philippines’ technology and machine supplying world/industry since 1974. KEYENCE serves as an innovative leader in the development and manufacturing industry of automation equipment globally.

Although it is a popular name among the best Philippines suppliers of laser engraving and laser marking machines, it offers more than that. KEYENCE is a manufacturing and supplier company of top-notch and highly innovative code readers, laser markers, machine vision systems, measuring systems, microscopes, sensors, and Waterproof connector(Visit here to review more reliable manufacturers of waterproof connectors) – all that promote modern technology. Moreover, the designs and innovative upgrades of the laser engraving machine and other equipment’s offered by KEYENCE makes them ideal for present and future customer needs. So if you’re looking for technology that is designed to last, KEYENCE has just what you need. 

2. Atarashii Technologies International:

Another popular company name in the Philippine laser engraving machine and laser marking machine supplying market is Atarashii Technologies International. This company was founded in 2013, with the keen focus on using technology and machine tools expertise of its professional owner and team in this field and introducing the best technology for the Philippines’ customers. At Atarashii Technologies International, the professionals aim to supply the best quality and wide range of laser engraving machine models.

However, it doesn’t limit its supplying services to just the laser marking machine options. Atarashii also provides technological solutions with its 3D Printers, Flatbed & Roll Cutters, 3D Scanner, and Precision Measuring Instruments. All in all, you can consider Atarashii Technologies International as the ideal solution for all your design-related machine tasks in the Philippines to help grow your business efficiently.

3. Norde International:

Norde International is an industrial equipment supplier located in Quezon City, Philippines. The wide range of technology and technological services offered by Norde International makes it an ideal technological partner for all small-scale and large-scale businesses. The company mainly deals with a wide variety of printers, various types of laser engraving machine models, CNC routers, embroidery machines.

Additionally, it also includes a wide range of other designing, decorating, and customizing machines for different businesses/products. So if you’re looking for a supplier in the Philippines that can help efficiently automate your customizing and designing tasks and work, Norde International is the right place for you. 

4. Conveying and Packaging Co., INC:

Next up in our list of the top laser engraving machine and laser marking machine supplier companies in the Philippines is Conveying and Packaging Co. since the beginning of this company in 2002, Conveying and Packaging Co has consistently grown its name in being an ideal and reliable technological solution provider to a wide range of businesses in the Philippines.

Mainly, the company has evolved its technological solutions that include supply and distribution of different printing, labelling, coding and packaging equipment’s that offer efficient and lasting results. Conveying and Packaging Co provides its equipment’s and services in collaboration with the most trusted global tech-manufacturing companies. 

5. Elixir Industrial Equipment Inc:

Lastly, another popular and reputable supplier company of industrial equipment is Elixir Industrial Equipment. Elixir Industrial Equipment aims in being the one-stop solution for any buyer who needs industrial equipment’s that are designed to fulfil multiple functions and industrial requirements of various types of businesses. The wide range of products offered by this company include categories like product coding, processing equipment, packaging equipment’s, washing and drying equipment’s, inspection machines, and robotics and automation tools. 


With all these top-notch and highly reliable laser engraving machines and laser marking machine suppliers in the Philippines, you certainly don’t have to make the wrong investments. So go ahead, make that purchase, and automate your business for better and consistent growth. Good Luck!