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Knife Laser Marking & Engraving Machine for Knives Blades

Aug 24, 2021 Upload by OTLASER


You might have seen several knives with their company's name, logo, or some other characteristic marked into them. This can only be achieved using a laser marking machine. So, if you're interested in taking up laser marking for knives as a small business or any other reason, then keep on reading.

Laser Marking Machine For Knives


Since laser marking for knives has become more popular, to the point where people are now purchasing customized laser marking services, several laser marking systems are now available In OTLASER.


Desktop Laser Marking Machine By OT  Laser


fiber laser

This configurable laser marking machine is known to be of incredibly high quality, highly precise, and has several other capabilities. This is why it is one of the top choices when it comes to traceability and product identification.


This desktop fiber laser marking machine can be used to mark not only steel knives but also ceramic and plastic knives. It features a small size footprint mount rack, a mark field of 110mm along with other sizes, and an air-cooling system for the 10W to 50W laser marking systems.


What makes this system one of the best is its live pointer, which is visible in real-time, allowing you to preview its mark. In addition, you can mount the laser in any orientation and greatly benefit from its safety shutter. The lifespan of this system lasts for more than 100,000 hours.


Product Detail

Portable Laser Marking Machine By OT Laser


portable laser

This system uses a brand fiber laser like Raycus,Max and IPG etc, which allows for portable marking for knives.


The 20W portable laser marker does not require any maintenance and provides impeccable stability, focusing speed, and precision. It also features infrared focusing, which makes marking easier and is energy-efficient. Furthermore, its operation interface is user-friendly and supports file formats of all kinds.


Due to the incredible spot quality and power stability, the lifespan of this laser marking system lasts for much more than 100,000 hours.


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MOPA laser marking System by OT Laser


MOPA laser

The MOPA fiber machine comes with JPT fiber source is one of the best laser marking systems for knives . it can be used for metal marking,color marking on stainless steel and alumina marking.


Due to the high-powered beam, it can even be used on hunting knives. It is known to be incredibly user-friendly, precise, energy-efficient, and consistent in its performance. This laser marking system comes with pulse width adjustable and long range frequency and incredibly easy to set up.


It is also free of any maintenance and is air-cooled instead of using water cooling. The lifespan of the machine lasts 100,000 hours.


When it comes to laser marking for knives, opting for a system that utilizes any type of fiber laser is your best bet. These three laser marking systems offer incredible performance and lifespans, with minimal to no maintenance.


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Steel Materials Type of Knives


laser engraving knife


Knives are one of the indispensable tools in the kitchen, so how to choose a good knife?


When choosing a high-quality knife, we should focus on the steel used for the blade. Steel is the essence of the knife blade, and the performance of a knife mainly depends on the steel.In general, steel is a carbon-containing iron alloy, which is generally rich in other elements to improve certain properties and adapt to the different requirement of users.


In the knife industry, the added elements in different types of steel are different, and the heat treatment methods for making the blade are also different.However, the various steel materials used in these knives are mainly graded according to the five properties.


1, Corrosion resistance


Corrosion resistance refers to the corrosion resistance of steel, such as the ability to resist moisture and humidity. Low corrosion resistance is easy to rust, but high corrosion resistance will low the overall edge performance.


2, Wear resistance


Wear resistance is the ability of steel to withstand abrasion and adhesive wear. Abrasion is caused by the contact between softer surface and rougher surface. Adhesive wear is formed when debris is transferred from one surface and attached to another surface. Wear resistance is related to the hardness of the steel, but it is also largely affected by the chemical substances in the steel. Among steels with the same hardness, the steel with the higher carbide content is more wear-resistant.


3, Toughness


Toughness is the ability of steel to withstand impact under extreme force; ductility is the flexibility of steel, which will not break under load. Generally, the toughness and ductility of the knife are regarded as a whole, which refers to the ability of the tool to resist damage such as cracks and chipping when applied to an impact or sudden load.


4, Hardness


Hardness refers to the ability of steel to resist deformation when applied to pressure force, and is mainly determined by the level of carbon content in the steel. In general, hardness and toughness is contradictory relationship, but sometimes it also depends on the treatment of steel.


5, Sharpness retention


Sharpness retention refers to how long a knife can maintain its sharpness when used for a period of time. This is a important factor that people care about, but there is a lack of clear standards for the evaluation of sharpness retention. In our opinion, the sharpness retention is a combination of abrasion resistance and  deformation resistance.


However,the best knife-making steel is not just a simple variable of maximizing each of the above characteristics...on good knife  is to keep a balance of strength, hardness and toughness.


There are some blades that are very hard, but if you use it to pierce a hard surface, it will break or shatter. On the contrary, a knife with tough can bend but its edges are not hard enough.


Common steel type used for knife


The most common types of steel include:


1. Tool steel—hard steel is the first choice for cutting knife. The popular steels mainly include the D2, O1 and CPM series,and super-cut steels like M4.


2. Carbon steel --- Carbon steel knives is made rough and used in application where toughness and durability are particularly required,like life-saving knives and machete. It has sharp edges and is relatively easy to polish. Carbon steel knives is low chromium content and easy to corrode. The most popular carbon steel is 1095.


3. Stainless steel---basic carbon steel adds at least 13% chromium element to improve corrosion resistant ability, adding other elements to improve its performance, but it will reduce toughness. The most popular types include 400, 154CN, AUS, VG, MoV, Sandvik and Crucible SxxV series.


In addition to checking the specific shape, sharpness and toughness of the tool, what other? You many always find some graphics on the tool. Yes, through the identification mark on the surface of the tool, you will know the manufacturer,brand, specification, model, shape, angle, material and other information of the tool,but how these marks are made? because the tools are usually made of metal,  manufacturers usually use laser marking knife.


What Is A Knife Laser Marking Machine?


A knife laser marking machine make use of a concentrated light beam to mark the surface of knife permanently. This process is done at high speeds and is automated for precision. If you adopt UV laser marking machine can be used not only for laser marking knives, which means on metal knives and ceramic knives, but also on plastic, paper, wood, cardboard, and even paper. However,In knife industry,marking knife usually use a fiber laser marking system, you can mark knives with essentially anything, readable text, such as serial numbers, graphics, and even data can be read by a machine, such as barcodes. There are several different purposes for which a laser marking system can be used for knife processing, which include laser engraving, etching, discoloration on fabric, carbon migration, and more.


Why Is Fiber Laser Marking For Knife?


The fiber laser marking machine can mark permanent patterns, dates and text on metal knifes of various lengths. Including turning tools, planers, milling cutters, boring cutters, drills, reamers and saws. It is not only achieves  anti-counterfeiting effect, but also adds another beauty.


Compared with traditional mechanical engraving, fiber laser marking machine has significant advantages on high speed, low operating cost (no consumables), consistent high quality and durability,no pollution,no tool wear, personalized engraving, etc high flexibility. it can engrave on most metals and a wide range of application.


Compared with other marking machines, the knife laser marking machine is especially suitable for the processing of complex graphics due to its high-precision characteristics, which greatly expands its application range. Although the cost of laser marking machine is larger than that of traditional marking equipment, in terms of operating cost, the use of laser marking machine is much lower.


Use of laser marking machine for knives,it can mark higher accuracy and higher definition two-dimensional bar code on the tool,it will help knife manufacturer to strictly control their products and traceability.


You can also use a laser engraving machine to start a knife engraving business,You will find this is a worthwhile investment opportunity.


How much does it cost to engrave a knife?



laser engraving knife


A unique knife is hard to find,but laser marking can help you to personalize it.Technically, laser marking knife and laser engraving knife are slightly different.


What is difference?


Laser engraving is known to be much deep than laser marking. The best part about laser engraving machine is the fact that they can be used for both laser engraving and laser marking for knives.


We usually laser marking on the blade of knife, and engrave it on the wood handle.


How does engrave a knife cost?


The cost of engraving knife depends quantity and complexity, below you can find some reference price in the market.


Standard shaped knife (typical folders, fixed blades, most knives):


$30~$40 each for 1 knife


$20~$25 each for 2 knives


$15~$20 each for 4 knives


$10~$15 each for 6+ knives


$8~$10 each for 12+ knives


The more accurate price based on the knife you want customized,what patterns, quantity and the size of engraving knife .


Larger knives, swords, machetes, or more expensive knives ($120+ retail price), the cost is like:


$40~$50 each for 1 knife


$30~$40 each for 2 knives


$20~$30 each for 4 knives


$15~$20 each for 6+ knives


From the above, we can know that a customized marking knife costs about 30 USD,and it usually can be completed in 30 minutes. However, a fiber laser marking machine is common around 3000 USD, you only need to engrave 100 pieces of knives to cover the cost of machine,and the rate of return on investment will be very high, which is worth focusing and trying.


Laser Marking Ideas On Knives


Laser marking is an ideal method to create a unique marks on products, including knives. Some common markings for knives include:

  • Initials
  • Signatures
  • Important dates
  • Patterns
  • Logos
  • Names
  • Pictures
  • Quotes


No matter what is marked on the knife, it’s important to engrave a clear,high-contrast and permanent over time.