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Industrial Handheld Printers

Technical parameter:

  • Printing height:0-12.7mm
  • Print speed:70m/min
  • Dimensions(L*W*H):217*138*54mm
  • Weight:1kg

Handheld Inkjet Printers

OT-HP industrial hand held printer comes with 4.3 in touchable screen and 600DPI print accuracy,with simple user interface and lightweight design,it support automatically mark data, serial number bar code.It can easily print text, graphic variable data, two-dimensional code, QR code, DM code, LOGO, other patterns fast and finish the fine printing process through TIJ inkjet technology.

This hand held printer is equipped with a original imported ink cartridge,a switch button,a USB port,a sensor port,a synchronous wheel and a LITHIUM recharge-able battery.All materials are durable and prolong the service life of machine.

This printer adopts fast drying environmentally friendly solvent ink, low consumption and no pollution.It also compatible with two mode:online and offline,ou You can import the external data directly into the software through the U disk or connect with data communication and networking, and support online variable data printing according to your need.

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The Definitive Guide to Industrial Handheld inkjet Printer

Are you planning to purchase a industrial hand held printer for your business? Whether you run a printing business or a small-scale packaging business, having a industrial printer can be very helpful. Most of the modern-day printing and labeling tasks are made easier using a printer. But don’t worry, you don’t have to use a large and heavy printer every time you need to print on the packages or any sheet for your customers. Besides, it’s not always easier to lift a heavy printer or set it up instantly for urgent printing demands, right? However, the updated era we live in has brought many more options to make printing tasks easier.

Now we’re not talking about any smart and automatic device that would take your orders and print user requirements instantly, because that’s exactly what the modern-day updated printer models can do. However, if we talk about more business demands like continuing tasks even when you’re on the go, that’s when the same printer may not be the best option for your business growth. Alternatively, a lightweight industrial handheld printers serve as a more reliable and portable option that can be carried away, making your printing tasks easier and faster.

So even when you’re not in the office or don’t create a proper office setup for your printing setup, the portable industrial handheld printers can save you from many of the printing struggles which is limited to a specific place. Just grab the best handheld printers, practice their usage, and upgrade your business performance conveniently. But wait! Before you do that, let’s learn more about the most common inkjet handheld printers and their effective printing performance.

Hand-Held Inkjet Printers

We’ve all heard of traditional inkjet printers, as they’ve been around for a long time now. Even today, the inkjet printer’s usage in various industries and printing demands is wide, including barcodes, expiry dates, product specifications, manufacturing dates, and other similar printing needs, etc.

While this is a common type of printer that has been used for years in the manufacturing industries now, it can be a bit too much for small-scale businesses. Especially when you’re planning to set up a printing or packaging business on a lower budget, having a large inkjet printer can be expensive. However, you can always invest less in portable inkjet handheld printers.

Where inkjet printers add convenience to the printing tasks in warehouses and stores, having portable handheld printers can add more convenience and portable printing benefits for your business. So even if you only plan to start with taking printing orders for customers in the business world, you can easily grow your business with the help of a industrial handheld printer – without the need for a proper printing set up at the start.

Benefits of Industrial Hand Held Printers

We all know how a industrial handheld inkjet printer is an advanced printing solution. But do you know why it is also more beneficial than the old-school and large printers? When it comes to investing in portable handheld inkjet printers for your small-scale business or personal needs, there’s a lot that comes along with these small devices. The best part about having industrial inkjet handheld printers is that:

· They limit the presence of large power cables and heavyweight for a printing setup

· While inkjet printers are an updated printing option from the traditional hand-coding methods that were used previously for printing, handheld printers offer more advanced performance for stenciling and rod coding.

· They are programmed printers that can make printing tasks easier and non-manual for you. So even when the handheld printers may be smaller than the larger printers having more printing settings and options may, they can make printing tasks easier and faster.

· Finally, these printers also offer the rechargeable feature. You can easily charge the handheld printers using batteries, allowing them to work with or without a power socket. So, you can easily carry the printers anywhere you go and perform your instant printing demands in a wide variety of places.

Printing Surfaces

Usually, if we talk about printing, the mainstream knowledge says that a printer can easily print anything on a piece of paper. But is that enough when you’re setting up and running a printing business? Of course, you need more variety to grow our business on a large scale. Not just that, but the businesses at a large scale that manufacture products require printing on a wide variety of products/surfaces.

So, before you evaluate the items you can print on in your business setup, let’s explore the surfaces that allow printing using industrial handheld printers. Simply put, these printers work perfectly for printing on both porous and non-porous surfaces, as long as they are dry. It can include:

· Glass

· Wood

· Metal

· Fabric

· Plastic

· Concrete

· Ceramic

· Foil

· Leather

· Stone, etc.

Printing Clientele – The Industries That Require Printing

Now that you know the different surfaces that can easily achieve a print using inkjet handheld printers, you can experiment with printing tasks on a wide variety of surfaces and get different unique outcomes. This will not only improve your printing skills but also help you experiment with new printing categories to include in your store and attract a wider customer base.

But wait! How would you do that without knowing the different industries that require printing services, right? You can print your branded packages and promote your already set up store. Yet, when you have a handheld printer, why not grow the printing business more? For this, a few popular industries that require printing include:

· Food industry

· Medical industry

· Military

· Everyday uses (for example; labeling disassembled prefabricated furniture/items, or braining fabrics, etc.)

How to Choose a Industrial Handheld Printer

With the increase requirement of Industrial handheld inkjet printer year by year.There are many models and price available in the market. A lot of low price industrial hand held printers come with many problems like: poor software and low marking quality hence we will share with you how to choose right one When purchasing a industrial handheld inkjet printer.

Tips#1:Consider whether it is applicable

According to the characteristics of your own products, the first point is to consider the printing mark. The small character industrial inkjet printer is a common model and its printing mark is dot matrix fonts. The height of the printed content mark is between 1.2mm and 15mm, the ink drying speed is generally 0.3 s to dry, good adhesion and clear marks with contrast even on the plastic and metal products.

Industrial hand-held printers are suitable for marking on the surface of some relatively regular and good adhesion material (such as paper cartons, some plastic surfaces).

What application can be used?

Taking food and beverage industries as example, laser printers like UV laser marker(What is UV laser marking)are common used for the vast majority of food bags, food boxes, beverage bottles and beverage bottle caps, only in some outer boxes or outer packaging will be applied to the hand-held industrial printer.

There are some building materials and cable industries that widely use small character inkjet printers,but usually need high-speed and online coding, So where handhelds cannot be used.

In addition, there are some precision electronic components, FPC\PCB circuit boards, mobile phone electronic components processing,handheld printers are also not applicable.

Tips#2:The Speed

In the marking industry,intelligent production lines have become mainstream to improve production efficiency. So,increasing higher requirements for the speed of marking machine. 

In some imported brand hand-held inkjet printers, such as HP ink cartridge nozzles, the working speed is generally 35m/min. If some handheld printer with good software compatibility and the maximum printing speed up to 45m/min.

When some customers purchase industrial hand held printer, they should consider speed factor.

Tips#3:The Performance

From the initial date, batch number, expiration date printing, serial number, LOGO pattern and other simple content marking to the upgrade and change of communication connection, communication serial port, remote control,variable bar code, variable two-dimensional code, anti-counterfeiting code and other marking.

So,according to your actual need,you need to consider the configuration function when purchasing.

Choosing industrial hand held inkjet printers are not only consider the price. Choosing the most expensive does not mean that it is the most suitable for your production requirements.Choosing the cheapest does not mean real benefits.

You should considering various factors such as quality, performance, cost-effective, and after-sales service etc.

Purchasing a user-friendly, durable, and feature-rich handheld printers not only with high-quality, high speed and clear mark, and at the same time, we should consider the excellent cost-effectiveness, as well as later use costs, accessory prices, service span and other factors.

In short, you should choose the industrial handheld inkjet printer that is most suitable for your production requirements or output.

How Much Does a Handheld Inkjet Printer Cost?

Like other products, there has different price for each item. The price of industrial handheld inkjet printers is different according to  brands, models, configurations and consumables.

However,although it is not easy to get a detail manufacturer price of industrial handheld printer,but the price range of industrial handheld printer is common.So,the price of industrial inkjet printer from manufacturer is between 200 USD and 1000 USD.

The common hand-held inkjet printer with a printing height of 12.7mm,above 12.7mm is a special hand-held inkjet printer.For above 12.7mm handhled printer,the technical difficulty is higher, and the price will be higher.

Therefor,there are different nozzle height with different price like below:

  • Standard nozzle height: 1-12.7mm (200USD to 550USD)
  • Other sizes:
  • nozzle height of 2.54 cm (600 USD to 800 USD)
  • nozzle height of 5cm (700USD to 1000 USD)

You can purchase it according to your needs. There are common industrial handheld inkjet printers price is based on difference performance and functionality,and like above price.

Sometimes when buying an industrial handheld inkjet printer, you can’t buy the lowest price of the device After all, you also need to consider the necessary consumables in the later stage. Once the printer has problems, you need timely and reliable technical support to deal with it.


Now that we’ve explored the usage of handheld printers in detail, it’s time you set up that long-awaited printing business and grow it in unconditional ways. Besides, printing is a much-demanded service in every way; whether it’s about professional industries or the small-scale businesses or manufacturers of items. So when almost everyone needs printing services, it’s time you invest in a affordable industrial handheld printers  from manufacturer and make the most out of them! Happy Earning!