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France has been famous for their technological efforts. Not only they have managed to compete with top countries in IT but have also made a huge difference in the industrial sector. Although France has been using technology in their industries, none has proved to be a worthwhile invention like laser equipment. Yes, business owners have realized that they should add heavy-duty and highly efficient laser machines into their production processes to improve the quality of their products.

With that being said, the laser industry experienced boom in the demand over the couple of years and today, there are numerous manufacturers and suppliers of laser engraving machines that strive to facilitate their clients with their best products. If you are also searching for those suppliers, here is a short list to take into consideration:

  • Roland

Roland is famous for this amazing range of laser engraving machine and other accessories. They emit a strong laser beam that accumulates energy to focus on the material for marking. Their constant and consistent marking depth, speed of marking, repeatability , unalterable marking and fine engraving on fragile surfaces are some of the positive aspects that makes laser marking worthwhile. Even, their marking equipment guarantee easy identification as well as traceability of the parts, no matter which material they are made with.

Roland proudly presents their machines as adaptive to the productive environment. Their CO2 machine system can mark organic materials like paper, textiles, wood, coated metals etc. where fiber laser marking machine is ideal for plastic, ceramic and metal.

  • Gravotech

Born after the merger of Technifor, Type3 and Gravograph, Gravotech has come a long way. Following the unique quality of humans i.e. to express themselves, Gravotech has integrated cutting-edge technologies into their business operations. They aim to master the techniques and methods of permanent engraving and marking. They also created a separate team of experts that strive to search for better, innovative and more promising solutions for every client. Since the company has promised to shape the future through their innovations, you can rely upon them for better Expression of Things.

They are the pioneers of mechanical engraving, dot peen, laser and scribing, meaning that you wouldn’t find anyone better than their services.  Not only this, they are also the manufacturers of CAD software, consumables and machines across the world. Their departments are dedicated to handling the entire production process i.e. from development to manufacturing, delivery and post-delivery services.


Agicom is one of the French suppliers whose laser marking machine is quite efficient and reliable. Their laser marking equipment generate an intensive laser beam that leaves permanent marks on the material’s surface. Their equipment allow businesses to mark or deeply engrave text, graphics and other elements with incredible marking resolution.

Today, Agicom deals in three types of laser engraving machines- Laser etching CO2, YAG laser or crystal laser and fiber laser- each of which holds unique features than others. The best thing about their laser marking and engraving is that it can work on any subject- be it stainless steel, metal, plastic, wood, ceramics, cardboard, glass, rubber and the likes.

From marking on special parts in the automotive and aeronautics sector, Agicom pride themselves to be worth trying from every aspect. The company also focuses on codification in metallurgy and mechanical industry, traceability of products in the plastic industry, micro marking on electrical parts, DataMatrix Code Marking and 2D Code Engraving, decorative marking and engraving on industrial products and medical instruments.

  • Sic Marking

While looking for a laser marking machine supplier, be sure to go for someone who focuses on innovation and invests most of their efforts in bringing something new in the market.

SIC Marking is one of such companies that develop automated identification solutions and permanent marking to make industrial components traceable and identifiable. Their high quality machines work on the latest technologies- especially scribing machines, laser and dot peen that have proved themselves to be robust and reliable to maintain productivity and efficiency.

From developing separate turnkey solutions to introducing customized systems or machines, SIC Marking has managed to sustain their performance. Their machines can integrate with any industrial sector or department i.e. automotive, metallurgy, construction, spatial oil & gas, etc. The best part about SIC Marking is their global leadership in dot-peen marking where, the laser solutions vary from one client to the other- they offer 3D, HD, integrated vision, Datamatrix and all other types of marking on almost all materials.


ES Laser is known for providing a comprehensive range of industrial machines for applications like coding engraving, decoration, plastic welding, metal welding and marking. Their technical team has proven skills in the production and designing of industrial lasers, meaning that you can be rest assured about the quality of their manufacturing. Their laser technologies include ultra-short pulsed laser, CO2 laser, Ytterbium fiber laser, laser diode, UV laser etc.

The company is also referred to as one of the recognized leaders to manufacture laser engraving machine. Their IT Design, Mechanical and Electrical Offices strives to make customized laser machine so as to make sure that they provide reliable, innovative solutions that are easy to use as well as versatile.

  • LASIT Laser

LASIT is another manufacturer of laser engraving and marking technologies that enable users to convert their ideas and creativity into reality. Their efforts have made a huge impact on the market but they still entire clients on individual basis so that no one leaves with disappointment at any cost.

Their design and study team strives to improve production chain control, industrial process automation, traceability and brand visibility. LASIT Laser pride themselves for providing customized solutions for medical, electronics, automotive, military and hydraulics industrial. Ever since the company has developed the Aesthetic and Traceability laser marking systems, it’s quite easy to reap all the benefits for metal applications. Their famous products include tiny watchmaking, die-casting and precision tools.

  • RBSystem

When it comes to finding a reliable and dedicated laser engraving machine manufacturer, RB Systems emerges as one of the worth considering names. Their professional equipment can easily engrave symbols, QR Codes, character, graphics and images. Other than that, RB Systems’ team strives to provide stable, precise and fast marking services through quality fiber lasers so that no client would leave them with disappointment.

Wrapping Up

Based on the entire discussion above, one thing is clear that French suppliers of laser engraving machines use advanced technologies to improve their user experience. They never leave any page unturned to facilitate their clients with the best. Therefore, it’s your responsibilities to choose the right option after analyzing your requirements.