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Laser Engraving Machine For EVA Foam

OT-CD CO2 laser cutting machine is designed by unique interactive design that can switch between single and double laser heads freely,work offline,uneven cutting result,and doubled processing efficiency,making sure saving costs and more output.

Laser Cutting Machine for EVA Foam Board & Polyurethane Foam

Are you ready to buy a laser engraver and start a laser cutting business? While laser can be used to engrave designs on any kind of product, it is also a highly reliable and suitable option for cutting items. Laser cutting is more convenient rather than using multiple tools and equipment. It takes less time and effort when using the right type of laser cutting machine and appropriate materials that can be cut using the specific laser machine you choose.

Normally, a basic laser cutting machine can easily cut light and less sturdy materials like paper, cardboard and foam, etc. As a result, the items that require the usage of these materials can easily be cut and used without the need of large and heavy tools – only with the help of a laser cutting machine. If we talk about laser cutting foam board, it’s one of the most reliable and suitable options for the businesses and industries that manufacture foam and its items.

Besides, with so many items being manufactured with foam today, it’s certainly a relief to have a foam cutting solution. But wait! If you’re new to using a laser cutter for foam, then we’re here to help you understand everything about laser foam cutting  below in detail.

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Cutting Foam – Is It Possible with Laser?

Before purchasing a laser cutting machine for foam, it’s important to understand whether you can cut the foam with a laser machine or not. While laser cutting makes it easier to cut lighter and less sturdy items, you can’t cut every material with it. Besides cutting an item, it’s also important to ensure that the product isn’t damaged or cracked from other areas. Hence, while laser cutting may seem like an easier and more convenient cutting option, it may require extra focus and attention so that the item isn’t damaged.

Now when you prefer laser cutting foam material, not every kind of foam is suitable for laser cutting. Instead, the foam made with polyester, polyethylene, or polyurethane is more suitable for laser cutting. Once you cut these types of foams with a laser cutter, the outcome also allows you to use the foam in various applications.

What Kind Of Foam Can You Laser Cut?

Foams made of  polyethylene (PE),  polyurethane (PUR) or polyester (PES) are good suitable for laser marking, laser engraving, and laser cutting,Common foam material items include: styrofoam, Eva foam polyurethane, foam board, etc.

Is Polyurethane Foam  Suitable To Laser Cut?

Laser cut material is the physical process of removing material.One is totally removed from the top to the bottom of material,another is partially craved from the top  to a certain depth.

Polyurethane foam is a  very good absorbent of CO2 laser energy . When polyurethane foam absorbs high energy laser, it quickly converts light energy into molecular heat. Because this type of polyurethane foam is thermoset, enough heat can lead to rapid chemical decomposition. The part of material affected by the laser will vapor.

In general, CO2 lasers cutters are commonly used for laser cutting polyurethane foams. Materials outside laser spot will absorb some heat, but not enough for removing. This thermal affected area is commonly called for a thermal affected zone. For 3M polyurethane foams, there is little thermal impact because low density foam  do not require high heat to engrave or cut. In addition, the polymer is a thermoset material, so it can be good for laser cut.

Is EVA Foam  Suitable To Laser Cut?

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EVA stands for ethylene-vinyl acetate and it’s a copolymer, EVA foam is characterised with very low water absorption, softness, and good shock absorption.EVA foam is commonly used for various containers and casings,which can also be used in different accessories.This soft but firm foam can be easily laser cut . 

How to  Cut EVA Foam with Laser Cutter?

Before laser cutting EVA foam, we should ensure our own healthy safety,while EVA foam is not a dangerous material, you should equipped with some protective device when using laser cutter,such as: safety glasses,laser fume extractor etc.

Laser cutting EVA foam is a easy job, but there are some tips before you start operation. If you set the working speed too fast, it won’t cut the material and too slow settings will burn it. The number of paths depends on how thick your EVA foam sheet is.

Based on a lot of testing these are the best  parameters for laser cutting or engraving EVA foam.

Engraving speed: 35-120 mm/s (depending on the thickness of  EVA foam)

Cutting speed: 4-95 mm/s (depending on the thickness of the EVA foam)

Workpiece Holding

To make sure material is fixed and evenly placed, otherwise you won’t be cut precisely.

Using Laser Cutting Foam

Once you do have laser cutter foam  material and you have cut foam properly, now what? Have you thought about where you will use the foam you cut with laser? Don’t worry. Suppose your new foam cutting business is just starting, and you don’t have many ideas on using the laser cutting foam in multiple ways. In that case, you can always try using the laser cutting foam for creating various items using the following ideas.

· Padding suitcase or creating suitcase inserts

· Seals

· Furniture and automobile cushioning

· Home interior cushions

· Show soles

· Pillows

· Mattresses

· Automotive trim

· Photo frames

Benefits of Laser Cutting Foam

Burgin a laser cutting machine isn’t just like you’re going to the market for purchasing an apple. Laser cutting machines are quite an expensive tool since they’re familiarized and commonly utilized in numerous industries today – thanks to their ability to make cutting and engraving tasks easier and of higher quality.

But due to various prices that may be hard to afford if you don’t plan a budget, you need to be sure why you’re purchasing the machine in the first place. Besides, you can’t so much money on a laser foam cutting machine and end up placing it in your storeroom for nothing, right? So before you make the purchase, let’s explore some of the key benefits of having a laser foam engraving machine to promote your business and gain more customers.

· Versatile Performance:

One major benefit of using a laser cutter for cutting foams is the machine’s versatility. It is a great technology for the task of processing foam. This helps interact with various designs and patterns on the foam while utilizing almost all types of foam materials. So when you’re using a laser cutter for foam, you don’t have to limit the usage of foam types in any way.

· Time-Saving:

Another huge benefit of laser cutting foam is that you can save a lot of time. When you’re running a business, you need time for many tasks. But using the old-school methods of cutting foam for the production of various items can take hours. However, the laser cutting machines have very few moving parts, making them a low-maintenance technology. So you can choose from cutting to engraving using a laser cutter without going through any complications. Hence, cutting the foam instantly but switching between features is also less time-consuming when you’re using a laser cutter.

· Least Damages:

When you’re using a laser foam cutting machine, you are using an advanced and modern machine. This means that the advanced technology used in the laser cutter ensures that the cutting or engraving process doesn’t affect the overall look of the product. Whereas the old-school tools and equipment used to cut items like foam often end up harming the product overall by getting in contact with other product areas during its cutting. Laser cutters, in contrast, don’t get in contact with the product and only work on the desired area you choose. So the chance of having the item damaged when using a laser engraver is low.  

· Less Labor Work:

Using a laser engraver for foam means that you don’t have to invest a lot of personal effort. Only by choosing the engraving or cutting the design on the foam can you get done with the task without putting too much self-effort. The rest of the process of a laser engraver is performed automatically, saving the manpower expenses too. Hence, whether it’s a small-scale business or a large one you’re managing, using a laser engraver can also help save extra labor expenses.

Laser Cutting Machine For Foam

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OT-CD CO2 laser cutting machine is designed by unique interactive design that can switch between single and double laser heads freely,work offline,uneven cutting result,and doubled processing efficiency,making sure saving costs and more output.



Now that you’re aware of how laser cutter for foam is used and how you can grow your foam business by making the cutting tasks easier and more efficient – it’s time you go ahead and make use of the useful and reliable laser cutting technology. If you want to know more best laser engraving machine manufacturer in China,Go make your business grow!