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Wedding card invitations are always in demand, so why not think of starting a business based on this? If you’re wondering what you will need to get started, then look no further. Here, you will get access to one of the main equipment that you will need to get your wedding card printing business started. Get access to detailed information about nine of the best wedding card printing machines here.

9 Best Wedding Card Printing Machines

1. Auto Feeding 360C Wedding Card Printing Machine

wedding card printing machine

The product is here to help you make your printing process easier. The machine offers you quite the speed of around 40-200m/hour based on the size of wedding card you want to get printed. The maximum width you get to work with is 252mm.

You will also find that the resolution you get at the end is about 300dpi, which is quite amazing. You won’t have to worry about not getting a good resolution with this as it promises great results. The machine is small in size, which means that you’re able to make use of it in smaller spaces as well.

The best thing about this is its print head lift up automatically function. It will lift up automatically when there is no printing,so you don’t have to worry about the waste foil.Other benefit is there is a sensor to detect the paper,so it can automatically feed in paper at the same place each time,in other word,You can put multi papers on back tray then feed in one by one automatically.Another benefit is it has memory function,when you print the same content next time, you don’t need to connect to the computer to re-operate and saves time.

Along with this, you will find that it offers you multiple printing colors, including gold, silver, blue, red, black, and more.


  • Printing interface:USB
  • Max feeding width:350mm
  • Max printing width:252mm
  • Printing speed:40-200m/h
  • Power:400W
  • Resolution:300dpi
  • Weight:20/25kg
  • Packing size:65*42*32cm

2. 360B Wedding Card Printer

wedding card printing machine

Gold foil paper printing is a great idea for wedding cards. This 360B foil printing machine is bound to provide you with beautiful color and resolution for a long while. The machine offers you a resolution of 200*400 dpi, which is pretty standard for a good printing machine. So, you know that you don’t have to worry about this part.

360B is a simplified version of 360C, However,It still has automatic feeding, print head lifting automatically and memory functions.But it only allow to put single paper on the back tray,there is sensor to detect the paper,will feed in automatically.It allows max feeding width of 350mm,and max printing width of 252mm.With the printing speed of about 20m to 50m per second, you’re going to get most of your wedding card printing work done quickly.

The USB interface allows you to work with Windows computer systems only. But when it comes to the different software to work with for designs and printing needs, you should know that CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator, and Photoshop can easily be used by this. The precision this printer offers is quite phenomenal and ensures that you get your work done quickly.


  • Printing interface:USB
  • Printing speed:20-50ms/s
  • Power:400W
  • Resolution:200*400dpi
  • Dimensions(L*W*H):58*22*23cm
  • Weight:15kg

3. 360A Wedding Card Printing Machine

wedding card printing machine

360A automatic flatbed printer can be quite useful for your wedding card printing business. You’re also going to find that this printing machine works with foil only. So, you will not have to make use of ink for the input. The output can be on paper, PVC, film, leather, adhesive stickers, and more.

360A is a simplified version of 360C, which reduces automatic feeding, print head lifting automatically and memory functions.However,It allows you to make use of foil through the hot stamping mechanism is has and ensures that you’re able to get your printing done quickly and high quality. The printing speed this model offers is about 20 to 50m per second, which is quite amazing.

The maximum thickness of material that this works with is about 600g. So, it is advisable to follow the limit for a seamless printing process. Along with this you get to make use of the USB 2.0 interface, which is fairly easy to operate and work with.


  • Printing interface:USB
  • Max feeding width:350mm
  • Max printing width:252mm
  • Printing speed:20-50mm/s
  • Power:400W
  • Weight:14kg
  • Dimensions(L*W*H):73cm*33cm*33cm

4. TJ-30 2021 Wedding Invitation Stamping Machine

Price:Start form  $820

wedding card printing machine

This manual stamping machine is surely one of a kind. You’re going to see that this offers you quite a printing speed with about 1000 to 1200 times per hour. Not only this, but you will find that you will get to make exquisite and beautiful wedding card prints with this machine due to its features.

  • Affordable price
  • Based on lever-type design,strong pressure,excellent quality of stamping.
  • Easy to learn and safe to operate,fast heating and less power consumption
  • The stamping pressure,temperature,transfer time and the location of workbench adjustable
  • The steady temperature through thermostat adjust
  • Automatic document feeder

The hot stamping technology and the multicolor option you get in this allows you to get high quality results from the stamping machine. Not only does it offer you affordability, but you will also find it to provide you with efficient result throughout its use.

If you’re looking to produce different kinds of wedding cards, then you must know the materials you can use this on. It is applicable on paper, leather, wood, plastics, PVC, metal sheets, and more. So, you can offer your clients something unique in terms of wedding card stamping. It is easy to operate and allows you reliable controls throughout the process.


  • Heating plate area:210mmx290mm(can customize)
  • Worktable size:320mmx400mm
  • Max. pressure:4T
  • Rolling foils time :0~3.0s
  • Printing speed:1200pcs/h
  • Stamping head vertical stroke: ≤40mm
  • Power:AC220V/50HZ
  • Power of Heating:1KW
  • Weight:0.13T
  • Overall Size:0.6mx0.65mx0.9m


5. UV 5040 Wedding Invitation Card Printing Machine

Price:Start form  $900

wedding card printing machine

If you’re looking for a versatile option for your wedding card printing machine, then this UV 5040 printer is a great option. You will find that you get to make use of this on multiple materials within 150mm, including paper, wood, glass, acrylic, leather, and so much more.

This machine comes with a ink volume automatic alarm system, when the ink volume is less than one-third, with low ink level alarm.It can offer high-speed printing and six color high quality wide color gamut printing,and white and color ink adjustable.

The process of creating the wedding card prints is quite easy and simple, so you won’t have to worry about the complexities present. The automatic machine with a USB interface offers you high speed, with multiple resolutions like 2880 DPI * 1440 DPI *720DPI * 360DPI, based on the mode you choose. There are draft, production, and find modes available that each offer you different speeds and resolutions.

The system that this works with is Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Win7, and Win10 and is compatible with TIFF (RGB & CMYK), BMP, PDF, EPS, JPEG, AI,  PSD,ETC file format. Along with this, you will find that this is a highly affordable option for you to choose to start a small wedding invitation cards or greeting card printing business.


  • Printing Height:150mm (customized available)
  • Lifting Function:Intelligent Platform Lifting
  • Cooling method:circulating air cooling
  • Printing Accuracy:2880 DPI  1440 DPI 720DPI  360DPI
  • Power Requirements :AC220/110±10. 50HZ~60HZ,P120W
  • Interface Mode:High-speed USB2.0
  • Software Output:Color management UltraPrint From Germa
  • Weight:70KG


6. Automatic Digital Hot Foil Stamping Machine

Price:Start form  $900

wedding card printing machine

A foil stamping machine that will surely up your wedding card invite printing game for the long run. The flatbed printer allows you to use the heat press mechanism to ensure that you get high precision prints for the wedding card invites.

With small-size,simple-operation,high-precision and high-speed,low-noise design,the printing head with anti-static is controlled by hydraulic pressure, ensuring the pressure of printing head even and stable.

A wide printing head and over-sized platform,allowing it easy to place different size of print objects like A3 and A4 size.

More than that, you will find that this machine offers you the standard high-quality resolution of about 300dpi. So, you’re bound to enjoy the quality results that you get from this exceptional machine. More than that, it allows you to work with different print materials within the thickness less than 75mm, including paper, coated paper, PVC, leather, plastic, cloth, wooden boards, and so much more.

You will be able to improve the look of wedding card prints with this as it offers you foil stamping, giving a more alluring look. The best thing about this is that it is easy to make use of and will come with plenty of benefits.


  • Width of thermal print head:219mm
  • Max print length:420mm
  • Max print width:370mm
  • Max print thickness:75mm
  • Print speed:A4 size/5s
  • Resolution:300dpi
  • Power:50-380W
  • Size(L*W*H):680*545*480 mm
  • Weight:50kg


7. 320 Personalized Ribbon Printer Machine

Price:Start form  $580

wedding card printing machine

If you’re looking for a foil printer for wedding ribbon, then this is the ideal option for you to go offer. With print dimensions of 40mm and thickness less 1mm, you will find this to be that standard size and quality that your clients will be looking for. Plus, the machine is super easy to operate with its automatic functioning.

The plate less digital printing solution is quite effective as it offers you about 120m per hour when it comes to the speed offered. You will be able to make use of most ribbons color:red,white,blue and black for this, so there are less restrictions to the application of the machine.

More than that, you will find that it has a USB interface that is easy to work with. But that is not all. You also get access to the last file for offline printing to make things much simpler for you.


  • Max feeding width:40mm
  • Max print width:40mm
  • Max print thickness:1mm
  • Print speed:120m/h
  • Resolution:200*400dpi
  • Power:60W
  • Size:21*15*20CM
  • Weight:4.5kg


8. A3 UV flat Printer

Price:Start form  $2,800

wedding card printing machine

This UV flat printer’s PCB assembly from eashub.com,it is surely a highly demanded option when it comes to printing wedding cards, celebration cards, and more. You will find that this machine offers you resolution about 720*720DPI/4pass,

1440*720DPI/8pass,1440*1440DPI/16pass and 2880*1440DPI/32pass,and print height up to 180mm.You will also get these benefits from this machine:

  • Upgraded front cover to protect the eyes against radiation.
  • Automatic lifting high drop platform
  • Strong heat dissipation and stable work.
  • Independent ink cartridges,Ink shortage alarm, no precipitation

The functionality of the printing machine is quite simple and easy to operate. The printer supports print color C M Y K WW, and can work with different file format:TIFF,BMP,PDF,EPS,JPEG,AI,PSD and more. You can make use of curve printing needs with this machine.

In addition to printing wedding cards, it can be used to print mobile phone cases, acrylic, PVC, leather ceramic tile, nameplate,lithograph, and make one machine to get maximum profit with low investment.


  • Max print size:300*500mm
  • Print height:180mm
  • Power:100W
  • Data interface:USB
  • Power:100WAC220/110V
  • Size:680*600*650mm
  • Weight:50kg


9. A4 UV Printer

Price:Start form  $1,680

wedding card printing machine

UV printers are making a mark in the wedding card printing niche. You get to work on the look of wedding card prints by using this printer.

The machine comes with L800 with 1440 nozzles offers you a max printing resolution of 5760dpi*1440dpi, which is considered very clear.

This machine is equipped with intelligent anti-scratch-protection system that can detect the media by both red ray sensors to avoid the print head from scratching.It supports printing of materials with a maximum thickness of 10cm, and the maximum print size up 210*300mm. You can also print in dark and light colors through white ink and color ink for printing on color media to obtain better result.

Make use of this UV printer on multiple mediums, including paper, leather, cloth, adhesive stickers, and more. You can even diversify your business by tapping into different markets with this exceptional printing machine.


  • Max print size:210*300mm
  • Print head:L800 with 1440 nozzles
  • Max Print thickness:150mm
  • Ink volume:150ml
  • UV Power:100W
  • Total Power:280W
  • Data interface:USB
  • Power:100WAC220/110V
  • Size:600*480*500mm
  • Weight:40kg

Final Words

You should know that the speed and resolution matters a lot when you’re choosing a wedding card printing machine. Going for something that allows you to make adjustments in size, color, and material is the ideal option to go with. Choose from some of the best options here to meet your needs of a wedding card printing machine.