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Starting with the most basic concept, the key cutting. Normally, this concept may sound like you simply need to cut a key. However, key cutting is a very complicated process that requires extreme focus, as you can’t simply cut keys in any random shape and expect them to fit any lock, right? Therefore, when you’re cutting keys, you’re using specific tools that shape the keys following the lock. Especially when you run a key cutting business, you need to have all the essential tools to cut the keys in different shapes and make them fit in the desired lock properly.

Alternatively, the key cutting task or business can also be termed as key duplicating, as you are recreating a lock’s key and making it open a specific lick. After all, every lock has a different key, and you can’t make a single key open every single lock. So whether it’s a lock key or a car key, they are cut in different ways. Hence, the different key cutting methods and key cutting demands determine what type of tools you need for your business.

Types of Key

If you are focusing on cutting or duplicating a wide variety of keys, you may need to upgrade your use of tools. However, if you plan to stick to only the laser key cutter, you can limit your key cutting task, also manufacture only high-quality and secure keys. For a clearer idea, let’s go ahead and explore the different types of keys that are cut using one or various key cutters.

· Transponder Keys:

These keys are chip-like keys that are used on vehicles. You can find these keys on modern and advanced vehicles nowadays.

· Laser Cut Car Keys:

While these keys are more complex and take special attention during their manufacturing, they are also a safer vehicle key option. These keys are made so that they have specific patterns and ridges on them that match the car’s lock perfectly. This also limits the car theft issues while making other types of keys hard to fit in or open the car.

· Dimple Keys:

These keys are cone-shaped and require slotting so that they can unlock a lock. Hence, they aren’t very simple or basic in their structure or lock opening performance.

· Tubular Keys:

These are specifically the type of keys that open tumbler locks. Such locks can include bike locks, vending machine locks, etc.

· Cruciform Keys:

Another type of key that is involved in industrial applications is the cruciform keys. These keys are limited to industrial locks for machines and equipment only.

Usually, most of the different keys may seem similar in their looks, but they don’t fit every other lock. Especially since these keys have different patterns, including the small and large designs, they aren’t easily used for multiple locks. Hence, these custom-made lock keys can be a good business to start. Yet, the most common and popular among these that limit theft issues nowadays include the keys created with a laser key cutter.  

1)Portable automatic key cutting machine

key cutting machine

This is a portable automatic key cutting machine with small size and light weight. It can be intelligently controlled and operated by App when establishing connect through, the Bluetooth of mobile phone. You can easily operate whether you use Android system or Apple IOS system.

In addition to intelligent control,Another benefit is that there is a very stable battery supply with strong endurance. The battery adopts the latest lithium battery technology to protect the environment and reduce pollution as much as possible. After charging for 3 hours, it can cut at least 20 keys continuously.


  • Portability and built-in lithium battery, long service life
  • Aluminum structure
  • Imported ball screw with high precision
  • High rigidity beam
  • Support clip M1, M2, m3 (optional), M4 (optional)
  • Operate in multiple languages
  • Support online updates
  • Intelligent control and operation on app and built-in database
  • Support side / track / dimple key / tibial key / some home keys
  • The tool and probe work in parallel

In general,The all aluminum body structure is processed by precision CNC machine, and three-axis precision ball screw to ensure high-precision cutting. The equipment is equipped with two M1 and M2 fixtures and supports side, track, dimple and tibbe keys, M3 clip and M4 clip are optional available. M3 clip is suitable for Ford fo21 and Citroen sx9 keys, and M4 clip is suitable for single-sided house keys.

2)Competitive price automatic key cutting machine

key cutting machine

This is a automatic key copying and cutting machine with very competitive price. Compared with the intelligent control key cutting machine, it only supports manual operation. However, compared with the traditional key maker machine, this equipment is equipped with two handles. We can control it through the manual handle, which can not only cut large-size keys, but also support single tooth and double tooth key cutting.Moreover, it can reduce operation time and improve safety.

This key copying and cutting machine has a very small size, only 9.5 “* 9” * 13 “, gross weight:25.35 lbs, you can easily move to the right place for cutting. In addition, the power is only150W under 12000 R / min high-speed cutting, save energy as much as possible and make you get greater benefits.


  • Modern multi-function key duplicator with innovated structure. A well-made and reliable partner in your daily work.
  • Practical machine with horizontal feed handle and hardened ball bearing.
  • Machine has been adjusted before leaving the factory. Normally you can expect instant use as soon as its arrival.
  • Equipped with rapid positioning and insulating device for handheld stand and fast needle trimmer calibration device.
  • High precision and reliable quality.
  • All-aluminum alloy machine body provides handiness and beautiful outlook.
  • There is a small drawer in the lower part of the machine, where you can put in several small accessories.

3)All in one key cutting machine

key cutting machine

This is an all in one key making and cutting machine. It can only to cut car keys, but also to make home keys, motorcycle keys, dimple keys and tubular keys.

How to operate this machine?

The machine is equipped with a size of 8 inch screen tablet PC which is very simple to operate.

Due to the built-in key reading device, this machine is a good choice if you want to create a password type of key.

Not sure if this machine is worth buying? You can get a lot of benefits from it:

1) It is suitable for making a variety of key with its replaceable attachment.

2) The equipment is equipped with an emergency safety stop button to ensure more safer. During operation, you only need to rotate counterclockwise to start this function. In case of emergency, press it to stop the equipment.

3) The smooth aluminum alloy handle is more durable

At the same time, it is also a very energy-saving key cutting machine, with a power of only 120W and a size of 255 (W) * 360 (H) * 340 (d) mm, about 20kg. You can take it to any place where you can use it as much as possible instead of just staying in the store or at home.

Other knowledge about key cutting machine

Laser cutters are the new and advanced way of cutting most of the materials today. With the advanced and convenient laser cutting technology, it’s easier than ever to cut the items, no matter how thick they are, and create the desired materials. Thanks to this technology, laser cutting has made most manufacturing tasks easier – for laborers and small-scale businesses.

Today, you don’t need to use heavy and dangerous tools to cut different items and produce everything like boxes, car mirrors, cupboards, or even keys. Although a laser key cutter isn’t that popular, other types of key manufacturing methods are still used by many people today. However, you can’t say that using a laser key cutter doesn’t make your task any easier.

So if you plan to start a business that involves laser machines, purchasing a laser key cutting machine is just perfect for you. Besides, the advanced technology of a laser cutter also adds more creativity and security to the key’s manufacturing. Now, if you’re new to this, let’s go ahead and explore everything you need to know about opting for a laser key cutter business.


Although most high-end vehicles come with laser keys manufacturers with a laser key cutter that also includes a transponder chip, the value of other laser cut keys isn’t limited. So, depending on how much you are mastered in using a laser key cutter and creating different lock’s keys with it, you can easily do good business out of this. So, go ahead and make the most out of it before it gets trending too! Good Luck!