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Through the accumulation little by little,friendship will become better.Do a small favor, talk to each other, and even give each other a small greeting card that sending a simple greeting is to strengthen friendship.

It does not take much time when DIY or using a printing machine to make a unique birthday greeting card that will give your friends a relaxed and warm heart.

So what are the best comercial printing machine for greeting cards? In this article we list the 8 best printers for greeting card.If you are interested it,you can contact us to get it.Let us look it.

8 Best Printing Machine for Greeting Cards

1,360C Hot foil digital Greeting Cards Print Machine

greeting cards print machine

360C is a hot oil flatbed printer,which can print materials like paper,plastic sheets,cardboard, stickers, PET, PVC, PU, film, frosted PVC, acrylic sheets, cloth, etc.It is commonly used for printing personalized greeting cards, paper, and ribbons with a thickness less than 3mm.

The machine comes with an advanced sensor detection device, allowing the maximum width of feed material is 350mm,no limited for the length, the maximum width of printing is 25cm, and the resolution is 300DPI. When the printing material is placed on the back tray, there is a sensor to automatically detect the paper,making automatic feeding and continuous printing.

When there is nothing printing, the printing head will automatically lift up to save oil.The machine built-in memory function can store the last printed information. If you print the same material, don’t connect it to the computer next time to save your time. It is equipped with a USB interface, which can be connected to a computer.Therefore,You don’t need to make a plate, you can print the graphics you want through Coreldraw, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and other software.

In short, this flatbed printer can greatly increase the speed of printing personalized greeting cards, and get a max return.


  • Max printing width:25 cm
  • Max feeding width:350mm
  • Max printing thickness:3mm
  • Max printing speed:40m-200m/hour
  • Resolution:300dpi
  • Voltage:AC110-240V  50/60Hz
  • Power:400w
  • Printer weight:20kg
  • Packing size:74cm*42cm*35cm

2,360A Greeting Cards Print Machine

greeting cards print machine

360A is an economical and effective hot foil printer,which is a simplified version of 360C. This machine is mainly designed to meet the limited budget and need an effective printer to print the greeting card more convenient.

Compared with 360C, this machine without sensor induction detection so that can not automatically feed, only put single paper on the back tray,without memory function,and the print head also won’t lift up automatically when there is nothing to print.

However,although lack of above functions, but not reducing the print quality,so it is a very economical and effective printing machine.


  • Printing Method:Thermal Transfer
  • Max Feeding Width:350mm(max)
  • Max Thickness Admit:600g,under 3MM
  • Printing Speed:20-55mm/s
  • Printing Width:252mm(max)
  • Power SourceAC110-240V 50/60HZ
  • Power:400W
  • Interface:USB 2.0/USB flash disk
  • Dimension:600mm*240mm*240mm
  • N.W./G.W:11kg/15kg .

3,Digital Hot Foil Stamping Machine For Greeting Cards(About 1380USD )

greeting cards print machine

This is a new digital hot foil stamping machine, which can print material with a maximum width of 304mm and high speed of 90m/h. It is suitable for printing wedding cards, greeting cards and invitation cards, etc.

Thanks to its digital printing,therefore,You can get rid of the trouble of making templates,So,you can print directly through the graphics design on the computer, which can greatly save printing costs and increase the flexibility of application.

This machine is also suitable for large-format printing and available for paper with a size of max 365*550mm. With the adjustable pressure of print head design, it is suitable for printing various materials such as bond paper, paper board PET, PP cloth or leather, etc.

This machine is equipped with 2 cooling fans to ensure the heat removing in time and work for a longer time. It also has a very high-precision positioning system, the first positioning accuracy is 0.8mm, and the reset accuracy is 0.5mm to ensure the total printing resolution up to 200dpi*400dpi. If you need roll paper printing, we also provide option.


  • Max paper width:370mm
  • Printing width:304mm
  • Printing speed:90m/h
  • Max paper thickness 2mm
  • Resolution:200dpi*400dpi
  • Power:220v
  • Size:480mm*670mm*300mm
  • Weight:35kg


4,Digital Flatbed Foil Printer(About 230USD )

greeting cards print machine

MS-8025 is a small, convenient and intelligent digital thermal transfer printing machine. With compact design, thus you can put it in any place you want.

The fist benefit you will get is low power and energy saving are only 150W but printing speed at 20mm-50mm/s ,which can reduce your operation cost.

Another is the machine is equipped with high quality and high precision print head,it can output 300dpi graphics on materials like paper, adhesive sticker, leather, film, plastic board, PET, PVC,

PU,cardboard,frosted PVC, binding and layout paper, etc with thickness less than 3cm,fit your various printing requirement.

Apart from above,this machine supports offline work through USB/SD card to transfer data.

With this printer, you can use it for personalized greeting card,paper,ribbon,gift box logo,graphic hardcover tender,etiquette ribbon,etc hot stamping.


  • Printing Method:Thermal Transfer
  • Resolution:300dpi
  • Printing Speed:20-50mm/s
  • Max automatic Printing length:250mm
  • Max automatic Printing Width:57mm
  • Printing Length:300mm
  • Power:150W
  • Transmission mode:USB/SD Card(offline)
  • Size:640mm*530mm*330mm
  • N. W./G.W.:24kg/35kg


5,5040 Automatic Uv Inkjet Printer( About 900USD)

greeting cards print machine

5040 is a economical and automatic UV inkjet printer with design of air vacuum sucking platform. It can print any pictures on almost all materials, such as: metal, pvc, acrylic, abs, pc,wood, glass,leather, non-woven etc material.

This machine can not only be used for printing greeting cards, but also can be directly printed pictures on acrylic,wood,leather wallets,glass,and the back cover of phones.It supports receiving files TIFF (RGB & CMYK), BMP, PDF, EPS, JPEG, AI, PSD,ETC.

UV inkjet printer can maintain a continuous and stable ink supply without dripping or color crossover.Moreover,the smooth performance of ink flow is doubled.With friendly design,the machine is equipped with an ink volume automatic alarm system, when the ink volume is below one-third, the low ink level will alarm.

With this machine,It can not only help you print customized greeting cards, but also can print any graphics with high-quality, high-precision, high-speed, which greatly increases your flexible application and broadens your business opportunities.


  • Printing Size:500*400mm
  • Printing height:≤15cm
  • Printing color:W+CMYK
  • Voltage:110V/ 220V
  • Printing Accuracy:2880 DPI * 1440 DPI *720DPI * 360DPI
  • Cooling method: air cooling
  • Dimensions(L*W*H):100*75*65cm
  • Weight:70kg


6,Mini Inkjet Printer(About 120USD )

greeting cards print machine

This is a mini multi-color inkjet printer that made of aluminum alloy ABS and PC.With compact and lightweight design,allowing you to take it to the office, travel, birthday party and any place and get a different printing experience.

You can send the print information to this machine through the mobile phone Bluetooth or WIFI.It can print text, logo, image, barcode, QR code, photo, date, etc. Although it is a small inkjet printer but it also can print content on these materials like paper materials, stone, plastic, textiles, wood, leather, etc.

This machine comes with a thermal foaming nozzle and can hold 18ml of water-based ink,and printing high-quality content with the height of 14mm and resolution of 600DPI.

It is very easy to use when sending the printing information through the mobile phone, just touch the sensor button on the top to print the content.Therefore,You can use it for DIY printing bags,clothes, wedding cards and greeting cards etc.


  • Connection:Wi-Fi / BT
  • Required System:Android / IOS
  • Printing height:14mm
  • Ink type and capacity:water based/18ml
  • Motion Detection:Optical Sensor
  • Charging Port:USB Type-C
  • Printing Accuracy:600DPI
  • Machine Material:Aluminum Alloy,ABS/PC
  • Dimensions (mm):90x68x78mm
  • Weight:200g


7,330B Digital Foil Printing Machine(About 1800USD )

greeting cards print machine

330B digital foil printing machine is one of the reliable printers for greeting card printing.It supports automatic feeding when you printing paper.

This machine adopts high-precision print head to reach high-speed printing at 80~100m/h. It can print materials with a thickness of less than 3mm, such as paper,leather, PVC, etc..Thanks to the flexible design,it can be used as card printer,cloths printer,label printer,paper printer,leather printer for printing card, sign, image, gift, personalized greeting card etc.

This machine comes with network interface/USB/SD card printing interface. You can print online through PC or offline through SD card,allowing the maximum material width is 350mm, and the maximum printing width is 256mm. You can print any pictures with resolution at 300dpi.

It is a very ideal choice if you are a retail store owner, or a online personalized printing service provider. As long as you have a perfect idea, It can easily help you realize it from greeting cards,wedding cards to custom clothes and gifts etc. All can be easily done with this helper.


  • Speed:80-100m/h
  • Resolution:300dpi
  • Max Media Width:350mm
  • Power:700W
  • Max Printing Thickness:3mm
  • Power:220VAC 50/60HZ
  • Max Printing Width:256mm
  • Packaging Size 114cm*65cm*52cm
  • GW:64KG


8,3306 UV Flatbed Printer (About 4800USD)

greeting cards print machine

3306 UV inkjet printer adopts dual nozzle mode resulting in 3 times faster than traditional printers. This machine has a wider printing range,and allowing maximum printing size of 33*60cm.

Another highlight of this machine is that most printers on the market that only print materials with a thickness less than 3mm. However, the height of the ink jet is about 3mm higher than that of machines, which can print uneven material,concave convex within 6mm can be inkjeted.

This machine comes with 12-color channel ink tube,therefor,large ink tube for more smooth,no broken line and more vivid color.

This machine is specially equipped with a cleaning button, one-button cleaning nozzle to prevent nozzle clogging, no waste ink clear zero, automatic extraction waste ink, peristaltic suction pad, effective prevention of obstruction.

With this machine,almost all materials can be printed, you can use it for printing mobile phone cases, metal, leather, glass, timber acrylic,So,It is easy to print greeting cards.


  • Color configuration:6 groups of white, 6 groups of color/4w+5c+3v
  • Print head:XP600(Double)
  • Emboss Print:Available
  • Print Resolution:4pass、8pass、16pass、32pass
  • Print Speed:8pass 3-5㎡/H
  • Print Height:0-170mm, measured with infrared ray
  • Print Size:33*60cm
  • Ink Consumption:1m2/20ml
  • Dimension:L920* W800* H700mm