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8 Manual & Automatic Balloon Printing Machines Price

Jul 26, 2022 Upload by OTLASER

Successful advertising is the goal of each company. You can print balloons for various business events to market your product or service. That is why you need a balloon printing machine to fulfill this purpose.


There are two common types of balloon printers available in the market. One is a manual balloon printer, which is suitable for small-scale printing event, and the other is an automatic silk screen printing machine.The silk printing machine is multi-functional as it can be used to print on many shapes such as cylinders, oval, and flat. Besides that, it can print on various materials such as metal, plastic, ceramic, glass, wood, etc.


It is essential to choose a suitable machine that fits your budget and suits your preferences. We have just the top picks for you. Here are the top eight balloon printing machines you can opt for your business.


Top 8 Balloon Printing Machines


1. Manual Balloon Screen Printing Machine Kit


Price: Starts from $580


balloon printing machine

This manual balloon printing machine uses screen printing for balloons. It includes various equipment such as an air pump, screen printing machine, and a drying rack to ensure that you have everything you need to print successfully. The machine is ideal for small batch customized printing of balloons. You will get many features form this kit:


  • Both sides of explosion-proof safety baffles can travel up and down, forward and backward. Avoid to damage to you when the balloon may burst.
  • The baffles on both sides of the balloon limit table and the blowhole upright plate can travel around depend on the size of the balloon.
  • The pressure ball board on the upper part of the explosion-proof board can be flipped and moved around.
  • Screen frame handle can be placed on the side and upper part.
  • Chuck balance support handle is located at the back of the middle,it can adjust the chuck and frame parallel, down or up.
  • The balloon placement platform can travel forward and backward as need.
  • Screen frame chuck can be adjusted up and down 6.9"/176 mm; Just loosen 4 handles on the back, travel up and down the strip hole, and tighten the handle after moving to the need position.

Keep in mind that you only need to buy rubber ink or balloon ink to ensure that the printing process smoothly. In addition, the machine can print 500 pieces in an hour, and the construction is of stainless steel. In the long run, all of this will ensure stability and durability.



· Printing rate:500p / hr

· Balloon tray diameter:9.8"/25cm

· Maximum Frame Size: 12.4”x17”/31.5x43.5cm

· Package size:67 x55 x27 cm

· Weight: 20kg


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2. LT-80 Balloon Screen Printer


Price: Starts from $198


balloon printing machine

The LT-80 Balloon Screen printer is made of a cast aluminum structure to ensure longevity and strength. It is easy to operate and maintain as the machine requires minimal maintenance. The technology used in the machine also ensures that there is virtually no noise while you are using it.


The work table size is 240*300 mm, which ensures that you can easily print on a balloon of any size. The printing speed is also high as you can print hundreds of balloons in under an hour. It is the ideal option for small and medium-sized businesses to fulfill their printing needs.



· Weight: 12kg

· Maximum Screen Frame Size: 240*300mm

· Work Table Size: 240*300mm


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3. Automatic Balloon Silk Screen Printing Machine


Price: Starts from $3,400


balloon printing machine

The Automatic Balloon Printing Machine is straightforward to operate and offers high efficiency. You can use it to print latex balloons with ease as it comes with a pedal and automatic printing functions. The machine can easily print 1500 to 1800 pieces in an hour.


The machine includes many electric and pneumatic components that are reliable and offer stability. Another feature is that it consumes less energy, which means your energy cost will not rise. Since it is a silkscreen printer, you can also use it to print other items such as clothing, paper, cards, and much more.




  • Printing area:150*150mm
  • Printing speed:1500-1800 pieces/hours
  • Voltage:220V 50Hz
  • Printing thickness:100mm
  • Dimension:440*880*1000mm
  • Weight:120kg


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4. Portable Balloons Printing Printer


Price: Around $2,850


balloon printing machine

The printing machine is suited to print on all types of balloons. The machine includes an oil-free 3-point combination that is well-known for not producing exhaust oil mist pollution. That is why the machine can easily be used in dust-free rooms.


This machine comes with five automatic counter is controlled by microcomputer,easy to operate.The working table has four stations to improve the efficiency and the productivity of the printing process. You can also adjust the size of the blowing balloon on the working table. The front and rear oil scraping is also driven by linear bearing and cylinder to ensure a smooth workflow.



· Voltage: 220V/1KW

· Printing Accuracy: ±0.02mm

· Printing Speed Pressure: 900 to 1200m/min

· max printing area:150*150mm

· Max screen frame size:700*1000mm

· Weight: 120kg

· Dimensions: 900*900*1650mm


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5. Silk Screen Printing Machine For Balloons


Price: Starts from $3,580


balloon printing machine

The silk screen printing machine is ideal for printing all sorts of balloons. It can effectively print at least 1800 to 2000 pieces per hour without any issues. The machine is easy to use and has a linear movement construction.


All the pneumatic and electrical parts are reliable as they will last a long time to come. The squeegee included in the machine also works in two modes: the front stop and the backstop. You can also use the machine to print cards and other materials.



· Air Pressure: 4 to 7 bar

· Max printing area:150*150mm

· Power:0.75KW

· Max printing speed:1800-2000Pcs/Hour

· Voltage:220V,50Hz

· Machine Weight(kg):150kg

· Dimensions: 960*960*1000mm


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6.  Balloon Silk Screen Printing Machine


Price: Starts from $2,350


balloon printing machine

The machine's PCB is manufactured by low vomue PCBA,it  is suitable for many flexible inflatable spherical objects apart from balloons. You can adjust the printing speed and stroke according to your preferences. The workbench is manually rotating to print many balloons at once and optimize the printing process.


This machine adopts the up and down travel of the screen type,allowing to easily remove and place.With horizontal cylinder design,make sure uniform squeegee pressure back to flat and good print quality.The table size of machine is 170mm*170mm,which supports max printing area of 150*150 mm and thickness of 250mm.


The printing machine also includes a pneumatic lifting mode and cast aluminum alloy beams to ensure the stability and durability of the machine. The scraper can also be set to stop front or back. The operation of the machine is smooth, and it can print nine hundred pieces in an hour.



· Max Printing Area:150*150mm

· Max Printing speed:900Pcs/H;

· Thickness of substrate:250(mm)

· Size of working table:170*170mm

· Max frame size:350*280(mm

· Power: 50W/220V/50HZ

· Size:1230*880*1200(mm)

· Net weight:85(kg)


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7. Manual Latex Balloon Screen Printing Machine


Price: Starts from $230


balloon printing machine

The latex balloon printing machine is ideal for small businesses that print various objects. You can use it to screen print balloons and many other items as it is easy to operate. There is no learning curve with the machine, and you will print many pieces in no time.


You can also utilize this machine to print labels, cards, papers, and many other things. The maximum print size is 150*150mm, and the speed is fast. The printer is also precise and accurate, which means you will get the most high-quality prints out of it.



· Weight: 20kg

· Maximum Print Size: 150*150mm


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8. Manual 1 Color Latex Balloon Screen Printing Machine


Price: Starts from $780


balloon printing machine

Another manual balloon screen printing machine that everyone can use at home. You can easily print balloons with the kit, including a drying rack, an air charger for the balloon, and a screen printer. The machine is easy to use, and it does not come with a learning curve at all.


You can print many pieces at one time. Keep in mind that this type of machine is only ideal for small batch printing. That is why you can either use it at home or for your small business.



· Max Outer Frame(mm):295x233

· Max Print Size: (mm):120x120

· Machine Dimension (cm):52.5x53x36.5

· Weight: 58kg

· Dimensions: 680*480*350mm


Final Words


That was your complete guide to the 8 best balloon printing machines you need to get your hands on. All of them have unique features and offer something different to the user. As a business, you will benefit from all of these high-quality machines as they offer longevity and structural integrity.


Due to many celebration events require a lot of balloons,these personalized balloons will increase the atmosphere of the event.If you are in the wedding industry, not only balloons, but you may also be interested in printing wedding invitation cards machine.


So, go through these top eight balloon printing machines and choose the best one for your small or medium business. Once you do, you will fall in love with the machine's working, and you will never want to switch to other printers. All the machines are from trusted and reliable suppliers to enhance your experience and ensure that your business benefits from the best.