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Animal Ear Tag Laser Marking Machine For Sale

Sep 03, 2021 Upload by OTLASER

The days have passed when animals were known only by names such as Buttercup, Rosie and Bluebell etc. The identification of cattle today is a critical concern and is an essential instrument for agri-business. The new farmers may not understand that ear tags are more than just numerical "names". Ear tag laser marking assists farmers in tracking and recording their cattle in a range of critical and helpful ways.


animal ear tag


· Increased animal return rate


Today, animal identification systems are being used throughout operations to safeguard their safety in the event of loss of animals. By placing an ear tag on an animal, it might help in the identification of any incident that the animal must be traced.


· Personalisation


On the one hand, ear tag laser marking can help to reduce losses and boost return rates for animals. Ear tags can, on the other hand, make the animal personalised. Now-a-days, people like to customise their pets' look by inserting their name of the pet into the name of their owner. It creates in the animal's feeling of attachment.


· Animals that use Ear tags


Sheep, goats, cattle and pigs normally bear ear tags. Although some livestock such as cattle are individually identifiable, other animals such as sheep and goats, are often identified by herds. Some animals might need more than one tag. Other animals, such as poultry, often have leg bands.


· Why ear-tag your animals


Ear tags are basically, small metal or plastic type objects fitted by means of minute piercing into the ears of animals using some applicator such as Ear tag laser engraving. Some farmers shall, let’s say recognize their female cattle in a numerical sequence when she mix-up with the herd.


· Most employed identification methods


Used by National Animal Identification System (NAIS), ear tagging now has been mandated federally on each cattle you want to either sell in market for profits or to move across the state-lines. As compared to taking noseprints to identify animals in the past for identifying animals, methods deployed now-a-days in this regard comprise of : hide brands, ear tattoos ear marks and tags, neck chains, straps with numbers, etc. Specifically, ear tags assist with visual identification e.g. by identification of sex, sire, dam, birth year etc. In case of breeding flocks, ear tags are installed preferably in both ears.


Plastic animal ear tags are the most prevalent type of tag since they are extremely visible and cost-effective. They are most frequently used to indicate numerical identity sequence. Animals can be accurately and reliably traced using a mix of letters and numbers. In numerical pairs and/or birth sequence, calves and other young animals may also be tagged to link them with their mother. In this case, animals and other young animals will receive a new number to prevent repetition when they develop and enter the herd.


Using a combination of different colors, letters and numbers to track them provides with the most efficient and reliable way to distinguish between animals. For example, ear tags can assist identify an animal's sex from a distance—tags in the right ear for male, and in the left eye for female. Ear tags may be used to specify the lineage of an animal that is also important for breeding purposes. Tags can also be utilized for ill animals.


Ear Tag Laser marking


Hundreds and thousands of animals are usually present in farms, and the only way to identify them is by using an ear tag. Each colour, pattern, QR code or series number ear tag may readily distinguish them.


How can you apply this serial or QR code to so many ear tags in animals? You can help using a laser marking machine. You can mark the ear tag one at a time, but a person can select a larger field lens such as 200x200mm or 300x300mm for the mass marking.


Then construct design first, like the next image, then add different ear tags in the proper position, a red dot pointer can make it easy to position. Laser marked polyurethane ear tags are a quick technique of identifying farm animals. You have to comply with identification and traceability regulations if you own a herd, flock or even a single animal. For purposes of disease management and public confidence in agricultural products, the rules are crucial.


The animal's main identification for cattle, sheep and pigs is one or more certified ear tags. These tags must bear the official identity number and can also contain the owner's information on animal care as long as it does not conflict with the official identification.


Laser marking is the best solution for ear tags because it is great for codes and logos made by computer. Tags are extremely fast to make, and ear tag laser markings are permanently etched into the tag for long periods of time. However, suppliers of official ear tags must be registered for cattle and sheep and goats, and their ear tags must be approved.


 Tag Laser marking in agriculture


The administration of information and "UAI" ("Unique Identification of Animals") do not even end with agriculture. To trace a lineage of an animal, for in-house registration or for milk output documents, farm animals are tagged. Appropriate quantities of lasers are applied to plastic ear tags. In order to prevent loss, each animal receives two ear tags, one for each ear to stay more secure.


Animals receive their ear tags, incorporating an electronic chip, at the age of roughly 9 months, to be included in the official animal holding registry. State authorities assign registration data consisting of a breeding farm number and an individual animal number. There is a legal obligation to tag ears and to register all breeding and slaughtering animals in Germany centrally.


 Choosing an ear tag laser machine


With the increase in number of population interested in framing-up their animals’ ears with unique tags, consciousness and sensitivity is even more needed with the type of marking machine. When it comes to choosing an ear tag laser machine for animals, few factors should be considered. There are numerous suppliers and companies claiming to have the best laser tag machines for animals, thus it is difficult to pick the right one:


1. Size: The size of the machine matters the most. An easy to use machine that will take less space is always an ideal choice.


2. High Precision: Precision always has significance when it comes to technology such as laser ear tags; the ideal precision for which is 0.002mm.


3. High Speed: Imported scanning system such as from China with the scanning speed up to 7ms-1.


4. Easily Operating: Afford the specific coding software based on Windows, You can input and output by computer according to edit in the both of the specific coding software and the graphic software such as AutoCAD, CorelDRAW and Photoshop.


5. High Reliability: MTBF>100, S000 hours


6. Energy Saving: The efficiency of optic-electrical converting is up to 30%.




The animals wear their ear tags throughout their lives. Tag Laser marking is the best marking solution for stable tags. For ear tag marking, classical color change/frothing processing using fiber-lasers is used. For effective Ear tag laser engraving, it is important that job is done by the right type of marking machine.