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Acrylic Laser Engraving Machine

co2 laser engraving machine

Laser Engraving Machine For Acrylic Etching

This acrylic laser engraving machine with stable and reliable performance, USB data transmission,which can engrave and cut the large-format acrylic material. Our acrylic laser engraver adopt high-quality linear guide rail and high-speed stepper motor to make high accuracy and high speed processing,and there are two options of single and double laser heads to improve processing efficiency.

Acrylic Laser Engraving Machine & Laser Acrylic Cutter

Are you planning to start a creative home décor and craft sore? Whether you work on creating a physical store or an online one, one thing that will help drive your store is the presence of the right products. When we talk about decorations and crafts, people often look for uniqueness and creativity.

Usually, adding a specific type of product to your store can be the perfect start. You don’t need to invest in a lot of stuff, but only different designs of a specific item. Yet, creating different designs is where the real struggle begins for any store holder. And if it’s a home décor or arts and craft store, you need to be creative and unique with the designs you choose. One highly effective and remarkable idea here is to create acrylic products in different designs. Besides, with a laser cutter for acrylic available for anyone to use, you can always make your acrylic products more appealing, right?

acrylic laser engraving

Why Choose Acrylic Products?

If we talk about why acrylic is so common and popular everywhere, it can simply be referred to as a heat-sensitive plastic that plenty of brands tend to manufacture. Not just the transparent look of this plastic-like material, but acrylic also serves as a strong, stiff, and highly clear product. Due to this reason, it serves as a highly durable and appealing alternative to plastic and glass for manufacturing various products.

Additionally, what makes acrylic an easy pick-and-use option is its ability to fabricate and bond well with different adhesives and solvents. You can also gain outstanding weathering properties from acrylic as compared to plenty of other transparent plastics. All in all, acyclic is a great option to produce and manufacture various durable products that may not look as appealing or stay firm when manufacturing with other products like plastic or glass.

The Types of acrylic to Choose From

Considering this, most people prefer using acrylic to create home décor and art products too. From paintings to creative boxes, vehicle mirrors, and much more, acrylic sheets can be molded and created into anything you want. Yet, the appealing transparent look might not always be the perfect option to fit well with the decoration demands of the home or office interior. That’s when you need to add a creative design to your acrylic products and make them look more attractive and appealing. You can do that by using an cutting machine for acrylic.

But before you go ahead and choose an acrylic laser engraving machine  and start learning its usage for creating designs on your products, it’s important to be familiar with the right type of acrylics you can use for laser engraving too. The list of the different types of acrylics is huge, as each is used for different applications. Yet, when it comes to using acrylic for creating products and using laser engraver, only a few types serve well for this use.

In this regard, let’s talk about the two common and reliable acrylic types that can be used with a laser engraver machine.

· Cast Acrylic:

The very first common type of acrylic which can be sued with a  laser engraving machine for acrylic is cast acrylic. This type of acrylic is made when liquid acrylic is poured into the spaces of a tempered glass sheet. The thickness of this acrylic is managed using a rubber gasket of a specific thickness, which is inserted between the sheets. Afterward, the monomer gets solid and hardens into an acrylic polymer sheet.

When you engrave this type of acrylic, the cast acrylic products end up having a frosty material look. This product is then used in plenty of customization uses, making it the perfect fit for décor and personalization products. Not just that, but since the cast acrylic can also be molded into different shapes and sizes after the engraving, it is also used to create high-quality and appealing awards.

· Extruded Acrylic:

Another common type of acrylic used with an acrylic laser cutting machine  is extruded acrylic. This type of acrylic is also a common choice for many manufacturers that need to work on laser engraving projects. The manufacturing of this acrylic undergoes the usage of resin pellets, which are fed to an extruder for melting. Afterward, the molten plastic goes through a high-pressure die process, which makes it a molten sheet. For creating the thickness and surface finishing look of this sheet, it is moved through rollers. After completing the extruded acrylic sheet, this acrylic is also used to create easily moldable and usable products, with a fine laser engraving finishing.

Laser Cutting Machine for Acrylic Solutions

acrylic laser engraving machine

Before buying acrylic laser engraving machine you first need to know some things like below:

  • How thick is the acrylic material?
  • How deep will be engraved?
  • Does need to cut acrylic?
  • How much power laser is good?

The CO2 laser cutting machine can both engrave and cut acrylic material. Compared with traditional engraving machine, it has the advantages of fast speed, high precision and many patterns,which is widely used in the production of acrylic crafts,cutting acrylic plates, and acrylic model making.

There are 30W 40W 60W 80W 100W 150W 200W  laser tube used in CO2 laser cutting machines.Before buying a acrylic laser engraver,you need to consider several factors according to your actual requirement:

First,it is best to choose high power for thick acrylic cutting, such as above 100W with sufficient power and fast speed.

Second, if the cutting and engraving are all done, but cutting thick less than 2cm, it is recommended to use 80W.

Third,if you are mainly used for engraving and cutting very thin acrylic,it is recommended to choose less than 60W.

Acrylic Laser Engraving & Cutting Machine

This Acrylic laser cutting machine with stable and reliable performance, USB data transmission,which can engrave and cut the large-format acrylic material. The acrylic laser engraving machines adopt high-quality  linear guide rail and high-speed stepper motor to make high accuracy and high speed processing,and there are two options of single and double laser heads to improve processing efficiency.


  • A variety of different format sizes options
  • High-speed linear motion guide rails ensure the high accuracy of laser cutting.
  • Equipped with the high quality lens with low energy loss, high reflectivity, strong focus, friction resistance
  • Efficient independent operation system for engraving and cutting.
  • Equipped with exhaust system available
  • Small cutting seam, fast speed and high precision
  • Advanced motion control system
  • It can work offline and is compatible with CAD, Coreldraw, Photoshop and other related software.

Advantages: smooth cutting surface, no burrs, no yellowing, stable performance and high efficiency.


Leather, wood, paper, plastic, cloth, PVC, plexiglass, rubber, acrylic and other non-metallic materials.


Processing area





AC110~220v 10% 50-60HZ

Engraving speed


Cutting speed


Repeat location accuracy


Driven method

CNC system

Mine width


Work temperature








Parameter Setting For Different Thickness Acrylic Engraving

There are many types of acrylic materials. The cutting of acrylic processing commonly uses a CO2 laser cutting machine with processing speed does not exceed 3 meters per minute resulting in getting more high accuracy edge.

Acrylic cutting and engraving of thin materials (2-10mm)

Acrylic below 5mm uses a 50mm focusing lens, and the cutting speed is about 0.35-0.8 m/min, and the light intensity is 45-65%. 5-10mm acrylic commonly uses a 63.5mm focusing lens, and the cutting speed is 0.15-0.3 m/min,he light intensity is 50-75%. If the large-area engraving may not only cause severe resonance (vibration), but also reduce the accuracy.Therefore, the area of the cutting acrylic should not exceed 1 meter.

Acrylic cutting and engraving of thick materials (10-20mm)

In general,Acrylic above 10mm uses a 75mm focusing lens, and acrylic above 25mm uses a 100mm focusing lens, which can cut 32mm acrylic.

10mm acrylic cutting: the cutting speed is better at 0.08-0.12 m/min, and the light intensity is 60-70%. When the light intensity is 60%, We can adjust the air flow to make the edge more smoother. Sometimes the greater the flowing, the rough edge due to the molten object is flowed back and attach on the acrylic by the excess gas,so try to keep smaller air flow. Sometimes, customers need to add film for cutting. At this time, the air flow should not be too small, otherwise it will cause fire.Therefore,when cutting acrylic, the speed and laser intensity must match well.

Acrylic above 15mm is better to choose a  high-power laser. When need to get more precise and clear engraving,should not too deep and too smaller air flow.Another is the resolution setting. If it is BMP format, the resolution should be above 600dpi. At this time, the speed is 8-18 m/min, and the light intensity is 20%-30%. When cleaning, turn off the air blow to make the bottom more smooth.

How Much Does A Acrylic Laser Engraving Machine

There are so many factors that affect the final price of acrylic laser engraving machine, such as power, engraving format, depth, single and double heads, brand and other configurations, etc. However,in general,the price of China CO2 laser engraving machine is between 3500 USD and 6000 USD.For the high-end configuration,these price between 6000 and 30,000 USD.Therefore,there are a wide range of price how to choose it according to your own actual requirement.


Once you understand which type of acrylic you need to use with your acrylic laser cutting machine, it can be easier to pick the right laser engraver machine. In this way, you can make the right purchase and create unique and interesting laser engraved designs on your acrylic products. So that’s a great way to start a unique acrylic products store, no? Go ahead and experiment with your favorite laser engraving designs then!